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Key Takeaways

  • Casio has announced the MRG-B2000SG watch, a special edition to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the G-Shock brand.
  • The watch features design elements inspired by the Shougeki-Maru: Gai helmet, including a maedate crest with a tiger pattern.
  • Made from titanium and ion-plated in dark silver, the watch is highly durable and includes features like solar power, full auto-calendar, and world time. Limited to 700 pieces worldwide.

Casio has today announced a new addition to its MR-G series, the watches that sit at the very top of its G-Shock brand. It's a watch that is designed to celebrate 40 years of that very brand, and it dives right into Japan's heritage to do it.

The new watch, dubbed the MRG-B2000SG, honours the Shougeki-Maru: Gai kabuto helmet and features its maedate crest with a tiger pattern designed to evoke white ito odoshi. That's a lot to take in, but the upshot is that this is one very good looking watch, and any self-respecting G-Shock fan is going to want it in their collection.

40 years of gorgeous G-Shocks

Casio is no stranger to special versions of the MR-G line of course, with the G-Shock Frogman being one of our favorites. But this one is special because it's here to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the G-Shock brand.

In announcing the new watch via press release, Casio points out that "in its shock-resistant construction, the MRG-B2000SG embodies the Shougeki-Maru: Gai helmet's bold determination and features a white band complemented with a bezel engraved by a master metalsmith." The bezel features tha helmet's maedate crest with a tiger design, while the pure white band "evokes the look of the white ito odoshi of the helmet, representing a pure, unadulterated hue and incorporating a sense of bold determination, the will to be true to oneself."

In terms of material, the watch is made from titanium and is ion-plated in a dark silver with a deep-layer ahrdening process sued to make the whole thing more resistant to damage. There's also a metal plate commemorating the occassion ont he side of the watch and the screw heads are set with rubies.

Casio MRG-B2000SG

As far as specifications are concerned, the watch is solar powered and has all the features you'd expect from a watch like this including a full auto-calendar, an LED light, a countdown timer, daily alarm functionality, and more. A stopwatch and world time function round out the main talking points.

Casio MRG-B2000SG

If you plan on picking up one of these things, you're going to have to be quick - it's limited to just 700 pieces worldwide. It'll go on sale in Japan next month for 880,000 yen (around $5,900) with a global release yet to be announced.