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A silver, round smartwatch, with a charcoal band and a simple watch face on the screen.
Google / Pocket-lint
Google Pixel Watch (Wi-Fi)

The entry-level Pixel Watch, with Google smarts and Fitbit's fitness tracking expertise, is available for 40 per cent off, or $140 less than its usual $349.99 starting price.

Google recently announced the Pixel Watch 2, a proper update to the company's first smartwatch it released last year, with all the new sensors and battery life improvements a sequel implies. But if what draws you most to Google's smartwatch is its impeccably seamless design and deep integration with Android and Google's services, you can get a great experience with the first-generation Pixel Watch available for sale now for 40 percent off. The Pixel Watch's $349.99 starting price drops to $209.99 with the discount available during Amazon's Big Deal Days, which is not only a good bit cheaper, it's also lower than the smartwatch's new starting price.

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Why the Pixel Watch is worth the money

Google's Pixel Watch wasn't a perfect first draft of a Google-designed smartwatch, but few first-generation products are. What Google got right is obvious just by looking at the Pixel Watch. It's a beautifully designed device that instantly stands out from the square Apple Watch with its smaller, round display. The selection of watch bands that Google sells share some similarities to what you can buy from Samsung for the Galaxy Watch, or from Apple for the Apple Watch, but more importantly, they're undeniably stylish. That extends to the tweaks Google made to Wear OS too, especially the new watch faces that ship with the Pixel Watch.

Beyond the Pixel Watch's overall aesthetic, the smartwatch also makes for a great fitness tracker, with workout tracking, heart rate monitoring, and the services and insights provided by a Fitbit Premium subscription. You won't get the skin temperature sensing or stress monitoring of the Pixel Watch 2 or Fitbit's high-end fitness trackers, but for basic health features like sleep tracking and gauging your heart health, it's more than enough.

At $209.99, the first-generation Pixel Watch makes a lot of sense, especially if you already have a taste for Google's Pixel strategy. It's one of the most stylish looking smartwatches out there, it can easily handle wearable features like notifications and smart home controls, and it's a perfectly fine Fitbit. It might not have the kind of battery life that will survive multiple long workouts a day, but It's still a great smartwatch if you're an Android user.