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This Prime Day hundreds of products are on sale, which means if you've been putting off spoiling yourself now is the time to indulge at a discount. If you're in the market for a new Apple Watch (lots of which are on major sale, by the way), you might as well add a band to your cart as well. And if you're just looking for a subtle, less pricey, way to upgrade your timepiece, these bands can make it feel like you splurged on a new watch. While a lot of these price drops make look minimal, it brings the price down to single digets, and every dollar makes a difference when you're filling up your Prime Day cart.

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Don't settle for the basic Apple Watch bands included when you buy your watch. There are hundreds of different band options available all for relatively low prices. Below are just a handful of top tier Apple Watch bands on sale now.

Best Apple Watch Band Prime Day deals

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Bellroy Watch Strap for Apple Watch
$49 $69 Save $20

Prefer more of a traditional leather band? The Bellroy leather watch strap gives that sleek professional look that other bands don’t. Get nearly 30% off the strap now until the end of the day.

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Marge Plus Stainless Steel Band for Apple Watch
$6 $13 Save $7

Mesh stainless steel bands give the perfect everyday look for Apple Watch users wanting to wear the watch on a daily basis. Although this band isn’t listed as discounted, make sure to apply the 50 per cent off coupon available to knock the price down by $7.

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Recoppa Sport Band for Apple Watch
$7 $8 Save $1

Sports bands are the best option for those looking to use the fitness components of the Apple Watch. This sport band is solid quality and fits most Apple Watch generations. Plus, there are dozens of different colors available to choose from.

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DMVEIMAL Braided Band for Apple Watch
$7 $10 Save $3

Save 30 per cent on this beautiful braided band for your Apple Watch. The braided band adds a nice touch to your daily outfit and is compatible with all Apple Watch models.

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OMIU Thin Band for Apple Watch
$13 $16 Save $3

Looking for a thin, sleek traditional watch? Omiu’s band for Apple Watch fits all models of the watch and give the more traditional watch feel to your modern Apple Watch. On top of the 20 per cent off already listed, you can now apply a $3 off coupon for the band.

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Spigen Lite Fit Ultra Band for Apple Watch
$32 $34 Save $2

Although not the best deal, it’s definitely a deal worth mentioning. Spigen notoriously makes great Apple Watch bands, so I would hop on this bundled deal as soon as possible.

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MOFREE Beaded Band for Apple Watch
$13 $16 Save $3

If bling is more your thing then check out the Mofreee beaded band for your Apple Watch. The band is compatible with all Apple Watch series and comes in several different colors.

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iiteology stainless steel band for Apple Watch
$16 $20 Save $4

Take 20 per cent off the iiteology band for Apple Watch this Prime Day. The watch includes a screen protector for the watch face and a new upgraded design meant to even further protect your watch from harmful drops.

Do I need a new Apple Watch band for the new Series 9?

No, technically you don’t need a new one as most Apple Watch bands are compatible with every model. However, the standard Apple Watch band included when buying the watch tends to be uncomfortable and, albeit, boring. Buying a new band can help you add a little more personality to the standard watch while also letting your wrist breathe a bit more.

When does Amazon Big Deal Days end?

Tonight, October 11th is the last official day of the fall Prime Day savings event.

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