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Google's Pixel Watch 2 aims to solve issues from the original Pixel Watch, with battery life as a primary concern, and introduces features such as stress tracking, first seen on Fitbit trackers. Smartly, the company retained the Pixel Watch 2's connector for straps, ensuring easy attachment or detachment of bands as before.

Choosing the right band for the Pixel Watch largely depends on taste, ensuring it fits snugly for precise health measurements and readings. The Pixel Watch 2 debuted with a range of new and refreshed bands, but we've included some exciting selections from third-party band creators in the list below. Whether you require a formal band for a night out or one t to keep your watch secure during a sweaty workout, we have an option for you.

  • A woven yarn watch band connected to a round smartwatch with a clock on its screen.
    Google / Pocket-lint
    Google Pixel Watch Woven Band for Pixel Watch 2
    Best Pixel Watch 2 band overall

    Google's Pixel Watch Woven Band is our overall favorite pick because it’s soft and comfortable, made from recycled yarn for eco-conscious Pixel Watch owners, and has a simple clasp to get it on and offer your wrist. Google already offered fun colors with last year’s Pixel Watch, and to pair with the blue Pixel 8 Pro, it now has a delightful blue version of the Woven Band to choose from too.

  • A slim metal band with round links next to a smartwatch with the band attached.
    Google / Pocket-lint
    Google Pixel Watch Metal Slim Band for Pixel Watch 2
    Best premium Pixel Watch 2 band

    Also new for this year's smartwatch, is the Pixel Watch Metal Slim Band. It comes in a matte black, polished silver, or champagne gold finish, and is made from small ovular stainless steel links, so it matches the body of the Pixel Watch 2. You can add or remove links to get the right fit for your wrist, but do keep in mind, the Metal Slim Band is not water-resistant. You'll want to keep it dry.

  • A blue and grey band with a metal clasp attached to the back of a smartwatch.
    Polyjoy / Pocket-lint
    Polyjoy Stretch Nylon Band for Pixel Watch 2
    A great affordable Pixel Watch 2 band

    Polyjoy's Stretch Nylon Band comes in a variety of colors and prints (I prefer the “Arrow” design) and is made from a lightweight, double weave nylon. It's stretch-y, which should go a long way to accommodating more wrist sizes, and can be further adjusted by sliding the buckle on the back.

  • A rubber sport band with holes, attached to a smartwatch.
    Google / Pocket-lint
    Google Pixel Watch Active Sport Band for Pixel Watch 2
    Updated band for workouts

    If you're planning on wearing your Pixel Watch 2 during a workout, the Pixel Watch Active Sport Band should help keep you cool. It's made from waterproof and sweat resistant rubber, comes in multiple colous, and is perforated, so air can reach your skin while you're moving around.

  • A rose gold metal mesh band attached to a round smartwatch.
    Kytuwy / Pocket-lint
    Kytuwy Stainless Steel Mesh Band for Pixel Watch 2
    Metal mesh on the cheap

    The Kytuwy Stainless Steel Mesh Band looks like the Milanese Loop Apple sells for the Apple Watch or the Metal Mesh Band Google sells for Pixel Watches. The only difference is Kytuwy's option is more affordable. It's available in a rose gold, gold, or silver finish, and has a magnetic clasp for opening and closing the band.

  • A brown leather band with a metal buckle attached to a round smartwatch.
    Abanen / Pocket-lint
    Abanen Leather Band for Pixel Watch 2
    Sweatproof leather hybrid

    If you want a leather band but are worried about getting sweaty, Abanen's Leather Band can give you the best of both worlds. On the exterior, it's leather, but inside, the lining is silicone and entirely sweatproof. You can get Abanen's band in brown or black and it has a metal buckle for making sure you have the right fit.

  • A dark grey metal band attached to a round smartwatch.
    MoKo / Pocket-lint
    MoKo Stainless Steel Watch Band for Pixel Watch 2
    Classic stainless steel band

    If you're similarly interested in getting a metal band that will look like a normal watch, but fits your Pixel Watch 2, try the MoKo Stainless Steel Watch Band. It's abrasion-resistant and breathable (though that's all relative), with stainless steel finishes that can match your Pixel Watch. Like a traditional watch band you can add or remove links to change the size, too.

  • A black nylon band with a metal clasp, attached to a round smartwatch.
    Spigen / Pocket-lint
    Spigen Lite Fit Band for Pixel Watch 2
    Rugged and durable

    The Spigen Lite Fit Band is made from a durable black nylon that looks modern, but is still rugged enough to survive a hike or camping trip. Spigen also includes a metal buckle enclosure for adjusting the size and tightening the band.

Your Pixel Watch 2 band should fit your style… and your wrist

The Pixel Watch 2 is clearly a capable smartwatch, so you should accessorize it to match. In our opinion, the best band option is Google's Pixel Watch Woven Band. It’s made from soft recycled yarn that hugs your wrist comfortably, and you'll get some great color options to pick from.

If you're willing to pay a bit more for something fancier, go with the Google Pixel Watch Metal Slim Band, which stands out among metal watch bands because of its rounded links and surprisingly thin profile. For something more affordable, Polyjoy's Stretch Nylon Band comes in playful prints and stretches to fit most wrists.

Do Pixel Watch bands fit the Pixel Watch 2?

Bands for the Pixel Watch do fit the Pixel Watch 2. While Google did make some adjustments to the body, buttons, and sensor array of the new Pixel Watch, the connector that bands use has stayed exactly the same, which means if you're upgrading, you can use your old bands. If you're buying a new Pixel Watch 2, you can get a third party, first-generation band without worrying if it will work with your new watch

Can I turn a normal watch band into a Pixel Watch 2 band?

With a little work, yes. The metal connector pins that most normal watches use aren't designed to fit the Pixel Watch 2, but you can purchase an adapter that will turn those pin endings into the ones that the Pixel Watch uses for less than the price of most bands. You just have to be willing to do the fiddly work of slipping your old watch bands into the adapters.