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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 has arrived, promising a premium suite of fitness features for Android users. Aside from its advanced tracking via blood oxygen and temperature sensors, the Watch 6 Series also comes with some subtle, yet effective hardware updates like shrunken bezels to allow the display to shine. While the beautiful, improved AMOLED displays of both the 40mm and 44mm models make for a great screen viewing experience, when it comes to wearable technology, it's also important to consider how the watch as a whole looks - and feels - on your wrist. That's where different bands come in. From bands that add a professional, sleek finish, to those specifically made for exercise, these are the best Galaxy Watch 6 bands we have found to further elevate your smartwatch experience.

  • Galaxy Watch Fabric Band
    Source: Samsung 
    Galaxy Watch Fabric Band
    Editor's Choice

    If you're looking to take advantage of the sleep tracking feature on the Galaxy Watch 6, this fabric band from Samsung promises a lightweight, unobtrusive fit comfortable enough to sleep in. The yarn promotes flexibility without compromising a secure fit, and it is made of reflective material that makes for easy spotting, even in the dark. To add further style and customisation, you can choose between black, blue, sand, and lavender.

  • CASETiFY Flexi Band for Galaxy Watch 6
    Source: CASETiFY
    CASETiFY Flexi Band for Galaxy Watch 6
    Premium Pick

    Extending its protective and stylish technology from smartphone cases to smartwatch bands, Casetify promises this strap not only looks professional with a silver buckle finish, but makes for a soft and flexible wear too. Finished with a water and sweat resistant coating, the band is good to wear in both the office and the gym. And if you want to further showcase your style, Casetify offers multiple print customisation options.

  • Lerobo band for Galaxy Watch 6
    Source: Lerobo 
    Lerobo band for Galaxy Watch 6
    Best Value

    When it comes to picking a watch band, you can rarely go wrong with a traditional silicone sport strap. This option from Lebrobo is wallet-friendly, while still advertising a comfortable fit compatible with an active lifestyle, sitting securely on the wrist with a snap fastener and double loop buckle. Coming in 19 different colours at a good price, you can also buy multiple bands to swap them out as you see fit.

  • Spigen Rugged Band
    Source: Spigen 
    Spigen Rugged Band
    Best rugged band

    The Spigen Rugged band is great for those looking for strap stability and security above all else. Implementing a wider design and secure metal clasp, this band can withstand the elements as you hike, run, or train, but still employs a matte, modern finish so that it doesn't appear too bulky on the wrist. Spigen also advertises a fully adjustable clasp and lightweight material, promising comfortability in addition to security.

  • Pencoda No Gaps Band
    Source: Pencoda 
    Pencoda No Gaps Band
    Best stainless steel band

    If you want to give your smartwatch more of a traditional, classic watch feel and look, a stainless steel band can do the trick. Adding a bit of sophistication to the techy AMOLED watch face, this sleek stainless steel band is even equipped with a double button folding clasp you see on traditional watch links. Speaking of links, the band comes with a link-remover tool so you can tailor it to your wrist. While this band's focus is on fashion, it also promotes durability for gym use.

  • Lerobo soft silicone sport band
    Source: Lerobo 
    Lerobo soft silicone sport band
    Best sport band

    Smartwatches are great for working out and tracking fitness goals. Not so great, however, is getting a rash from sweat rubbing against your watch band. This soft silicone sport band from Lerobo employs air holes for breathability, decreasing the likelihood of irritation during your workout. And coming in a 4-pack, you can easily swap out your band if it does face some workout wear and tear.

  • Katrice 20mm Leather band
    Source: Katrice
    Katrice 20mm Leather band
    Best leather band

    A leather band easily elevates the look of a smartwatch from techy gadget to sleek statement. With subtle stitching, a stainless steel buckle, and durable leather, the Katrice 20mm leather band promises both style and comfort. Coming in two-pack options, you can choose between black and brown, black and grey, and black and rose gold to swap as needed depending on your outfit, event, or evolving style.

  • BMINEN silicone sports band
    Source: BMINEN
    BMINEN silicone sports band
    Best strap with a magnetic clasp

    A smartwatch can help you work smarter, not harder. If you want a band that does the same, this silicone sports band employs a magnetic clasp that simply and securely snaps into place without fussing with any links, holes, or loops. The brand promises, however, that this strap doesn't compromise its simplicity for security, and that the magnet can withstand a tough training session.

The best Samsung Galaxy 6 Watch bands: Which one is right for you?

While new smartwatches are always an exciting addition to your fitness and work routine, it's the strap that makes it stand out when you add it to your wrist. That said, a comfortable strap, like our choice for the best overall - Samsung's own fabric band - is great if you want your watch to seamlessly blend in.

If you want your watch to stand out, however, Casetify's Flexi Band is a premium option that adds both style and security. And of course, if you're looking to spend a little less without compromising quality, the Lerobo silicone band is a fantastic staple.

Can you use Galaxy Watch 4 or 5 bands on the Watch 6 models?

Yes. Most 20mm bands are compatible with the Galaxy 4, 5, or 6 watches.