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The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is a nice step up from the first-generation Ultra, and while it doesn't change a huge amount in terms of design, there are some welcome tweaks and improvements under the hood.

If you're picking up a new Ultra 2 and want a more exciting or useful charger than the cable that Apple supplies with the watch, here are the best chargers for the Apple Watch Ultra 2 - and the best part is, they'll all work with other Apple Watch models (including the first Ultra).

  • Spigen Apple Watch charger
    Spigen S350
    Editor's Choice

    Superb and simple

    Spigen has a nice and simple dock to offer up, one that leaves your watch easy to read and doesn't take up much space. It's priced sensibly, too.

  • Belkin apple watch charger
    Belkin Apple Watch charger

    Swankier docking

    $51 $60 Save $9

    This dock from Belkin is altogether a bit swankier and looks much nicer, but it does the same job as Spigen's so it's a matter of taste.

  • Twelve South HiRise 3
    Twelve South HiRise 3
    Premium Pick

    Top-end option

    This excellent charging stand can hold your iPhone by its MagSafe connector, charge something else wirelessly on its base, and has a charging puck for your Apple Watch Ultra 2 on top of it.

  • Ruxely Apple Watch charger
    Ruxely Apple Watch charger

    Simple option

    If you have enough cables in your life and just want a puck to attach to the end of one and pocket when you're not using it, this is a cheap and effective option.

  • Anker Apple Watch charger
    Anker Portable Magnetic Charger for Apple Watch

    Portable choice

    Anker's excellent charging puck is like the reverse of Ruxely's - it'll plug into any USB-C port to turn it into a portable charger for your Apple Watch Ultra 2.

  • Anker Cube charger
    Anker 3-in-1 Cube with MagSafe

    A different look

    Anker's kooky 3-in-1 cube is pricey but comes with a powerful charging plug and cable, and has a completely unique look and feel to it.

  • apple watch magnetic fast charger to usb c cable
    Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charger to USB-C Cable

    Safest choice

    Apple's own cable is the safest and most reliable replacement you could wish for, even if it's not very exciting or different to look at.

  • Huoto portable Apple Watch charger
    Huoto Portable Charger for Apple Watch
    Best Value

    Portable power

    $16 $26 Save $10

    For true portability, this little charger holds about one extra charge for your watch, perfect if you're in a pinch, and it fits on a keyring. That's a great combination.

Does the Apple Watch Ultra 2 use the same chargers as the first-gen Ultra?

Yes. The second-generation Apple Watch Ultra is not too hard to pick great chargers for, since it uses the same charging puck and system as every other Apple Watch that you can buy new today.

How did we select this Apple Watch Ultra 2 chargers?

That means the team at Pocket-lint has tested a huge range of options over the years, and all of those experiences have fed into the list I've selected above. There are options for those looking to get a small charger that they can take travelling, as well as much sturdier choices in case you'd like a more permanent setup for overnight charging on your bedstand.

What is the best charger for the Apple Watch Ultra 2?

Spigen's stand is a great middle-ground and our top pick for most people since it won't break the bank and gets the job done really nicely, while Twelve South is the best option for those looking to spend more and get a more premium option. Finally, if you want a cheap choice that packs in some unique features, Huoto's portable battery-powered charger is a life-saver if you're out and about and your Ultra 2 is low on battery.