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Apple Watch Ultra 2
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Apple Watch Ultra 2

With a lightweight titanium case and a feature set designed for outdoor adventures, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the big brother of the smartwatch world. GPS, always-on screen and the new S9 chip are just some of the cool stuff onboard.

This month's Apple event unveiled some seriously cool tech, and while everybody is talking about the iPhone 15, don't sleep on the Apple Watch Ultra 2 - maybe sleep with it as it's great for tracking sleep stages and providing insights. The first Ultra elevated what a smartwatch could be, combining rugged construction with powerful sensor technology for adventuring on land or sea. The follow-up model is even better, and if you act fast you can get it for $20 off.

Why the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is worth your money

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 doesn't stray too far from its first-gen predecessor, but there are two big changes. The first major deviation is the double-tap gestural controls, which let you activate a variety of functions without even touching the device. The onboard accelerometer and sensors let you answer calls, snap photos and more by tapping your pointer finger and thumb together twice. The watch won't ship with the tech — it'll come with October's WatchOS update - but it's a big selling point. Read more about Double Tap here.

Other cool stuff about the Apple Watch Ultra 2 includes the gorgeous always-on sapphire crystal screen, which outputs up to 3000 nits of brightness; the new freediving features that couple with the WR100 and EN 13319 water-resistant certified watch. The Depth app automatically opens when the watch detects that it has been submerged, and the Water Lock feature activates to prevent accidental input on the touchscreen. It's a whole new frontier for Apple smartwatches.

If you have the coin, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is at the cutting edge of watch technology, overflowing with cool gimmicks courtesy of the new S9 chip. Incredible battery life that can run as long as 72 hours, onboard Siri without requiring a cell phone nearby, and more cool stuff await your lucky wrist. Order now, because these won't last long, especially at a discount.