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UPDATE: Fitbit has now announced the Inspire 3 and Versa 4 smart/fitness watches, plus the Sense 2 smartwatch.


Fitbit plans to announce new devices on Wednesday.

The Google-owned wearables company will reveal what looks to be at least one new wearable on 24 August, according to a close-up of perhaps a new Fitbit Sense or Versa device that it shared on Twitter. The tweet tells followers to mark their calendars, and the timestamp on the device itself reads "08.24.22". It does not reveal whether there will be a live stream, what time to expect the drop, or even what will be announced.

The rumour mill currently suspects the Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4 are on deck, due to leaked images of new Sense, Versa, and even Inspire fitness bands that have all popped up in recent leaks.

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Looking a little closer at the device in Fitbit's tweet, it seems like Fitbit has decided to do away with the all-touch approach by introducing physical buttons. That's perhaps for athletes who are prone to sweaty fingers and may be longing for easy-to-tap buttons on their wearable devices. Apple is also rumoured to be developing a ruggedised Apple Watch with this exact thinking in mind. It makes sense: Folks who own a smartwatch or fitness tracker likely want to be able to use it when they're working out or whenever and wherever really, and physical buttons can make their wearable that much more accessible no matter the situation or person.  

Physical buttons can also be an enticing feature for differently abled customers needing an additional input method beyond just touch. 

Of course, Fitbit hasn't said yet what its buttons will do or which devices they're on, but it will apparently share more in a matter of hours.