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The NFL season is officially on and football fans around the world are eager to catch all the exciting action. If you're in the US, you can watch the games via NFL+ and a few other live TV or on-demand content platforms. International viewers can watch the entire season (regular and postseason) on NFL Game Pass International via DAZN. A virtual private network (VPN) unlocks a whole world of possibilities for NFL fans who want to watch their favorite teams play while traveling or living in unsupported regions.

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VPNs allow you to access NFL Game Pass from anywhere, or even bypass NFL game blackouts in the US - which happen due to regional broadcast license restrictions. Finding a VPN that can reliably stream NFL games is another challenge. Most services get blocked or are less efficient. Following my research and testing, I have shortlisted the best VPNs for watching NFL+ and NFL Game Pass International.

These are the best VPNs to watch NFL+ and Game Pass

ExpressVPN logo
1. Best overall VPN to watch NFL+ and Game Pass

A trustworthy VPN for NFL Game Pass

ExpressVPN has garnered a strong reputation as a very reliable VPN for streaming live and on-demand sports content, including regular or postseason NFL games and the Super Bowl.

  • Great speeds for smooth UHD streaming
  • Obfuscated servers worldwide
  • Network Lock (kill switch)
  • Slightly expensive plans
  • No dedicated IPs

ExpressVPN is always up to the task when it comes to online streaming. It's my top pick for watching live NFL games because it's quick and efficient at bypassing global geo-blocks through utilizing their VPN service. A built-in internet tunneling protocol called Lightway also delivers fast connections for high-quality video streaming while safeguarding your sensitive details like IP address and location information.

The vast server network across many US states, and globally in 94 countries, is a huge bonus for NFL streaming. It seamlessly works whether you want to watch NFL Game Pass on DAZN or NFL+ (US) from overseas. All the servers are obfuscated, thus preventing any content platforms from detecting and blocking you because you're using a VPN.

Because of ExpressVPN's Network Lock (kill switch) feature, you don't have to worry about your IP address leaking while streaming NFL games on unstable Wi-Fi connections. It temporarily blocks internet access if the VPN tunneling fails due to poor internet connection, which can often expose your personally identifiable details.

ExpressVPN offers native apps for major streaming devices including Android TV and Fire TV Stick. If your device doesn't support VPNs (like Apple TV or Xbox), you can configure the DNS addresses using ExpressVPN's Smart DNS feature and stream geo-restricted NFL games just like with a VPN (although it won't encrypt your data). On the downside, however, the VPN is a bit pricey, with subscriptions starting from $8.32/month.

NordVPN logo
2. Best high-security VPN to watch NFL+ and Game Pass

Robust encryption and no-logs policy

NordVPN offers a robust set of features for safer online content streaming and browsing on unsecured public Wi-Fi.

  • SmartPlay tech for secure streaming
  • Quick Connect feature
  • RAM-only servers
  • Inconsistent speeds on some servers
  • Frequent software updates

NordVPN provides an extra layer of security while streaming NFL games from anywhere. The robust AES 256-bit encryption protects you from hacking and ISP spying, so you can enjoy streaming online through VPN, even on public networks, with peace of mind. All its servers use SmartPlay technology; an advanced type of Smart DNS feature that can easily get past IP blocks while encrypting your data at the same time.

NordVPN doesn't record your streaming activities because it follows a strict no-logs policy (and it's based in Panama which isn't a member of any surveillance alliances). Another privacy advantage is that all NordVPN servers are RAM-only, meaning any captured data is automatically deleted during regular server reboots. All these measures ensure that no one can monitor or attain records of your streaming activities.

The VPN has over 5,500 servers in 60 countries, including 1,970+ servers in 16 US locations. This facilitates easy access to NFL Game Pass, NFL+, and other live TV streaming platforms showing football games like Peacock and ESPN+. If you're stranded on the optimal server to use for live-streaming, a Quick Connect feature automatically selects one for you.

NordVPN offers several short and extended subscription plans to choose from, starting from $3.79/month.

3. Best value VPN to watch NFL+ and Game Pass

An ever-ready VPN with optimized NFL servers

CyberGhost is a 'connect-and-play' kind of VPN offering streaming-ready servers to watch NFL games and global content without hassle.

  • DAZN and NFL+ US servers
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Split tunneling feature
  • Overcrowding on some servers
  • Limited simultaneous connections

CyberGhost takes NFL streaming to the next level by offering highly optimized servers for accessing NFL Game Pass on DAZN. The locations where it provides DAZN servers include Canada, Germany, and Italy. There are also dedicated servers for NFL+ US, and other platforms that occasionally air NFL games like NBC and Amazon Prime Video.

Globally, CyberGhost has over 8,800 servers in 100 countries, so finding IP addresses for accessing DAZN isn't a problem. Also, there are dedicated IPs that aren't shared, enabling you to consistently access Game Pass on your DAZN account with one IP address (and avoid suspicion). You can customize connections on CyberGhost and exclude certain apps from using the VPN, thanks to a split tunneling feature. For example, you can assign a foreign IP to the NFL Game Pass app only, while other apps can still use your local device's IP address.

The high device compatibility CyberGhost offers also makes it ideal for NFL streaming. There are even Firefox and Chrome extensions, so you can access Game Pass without launching the app. The subscriptions start from $2.11/month and allow a maximum of seven simultaneous connections.

Surfshark VPN logo
4. Best VPN pick for accessing NFL+

A VPN to explore all available NFL streaming options

Surfshark's server presence in many US locations offers an easy way to watch football games via US-based platforms like NFL+, ESPN+, and FuboTV.

  • 600+ servers in 25+ US cities
  • A reliable NoBorders tool
  • Unlimited connections
  • Expensive monthly plans
  • Fewer features on iOS/macOS apps

If your sole mission is to access football games in the US via NFL+, Surfshark can easily do the trick. It runs 600+ servers in more than 25 US cities to help you watch live and on-demand games - including if your current US region is experiencing NFL blackouts. Also, the server coverage in 100 countries makes it possible to catch all games on Game Pass International via DAZN (but be aware that NFL+ is cheaper than Game Pass).

Surshark can easily access NFL channels even if you're traveling abroad. The NoBorders feature overcomes internet and network firewalls that restrict access to international sites. It analyzes networks and recommends the servers to use for accessing NFL+ or NFL Game Pass from overseas. If you're experiencing further challenges with geo-blocks, you can use the OpenVPN protocol which disguises your VPN traffic to avoid detection.

With subscription plans starting from $2.30/month, you can have Surfshark VPN on all your devices (including family devices if you want). However, short-term plans are quite expensive.

Private Internet Access
Private Internet Access
Private Internet Access
5. Best VPN for watching NFL Sunday Ticket

A VPN for US-based content streaming

PIA's ample server spread across the US facilitates quick access to NFL Sunday Ticket games via YouTube TV.

  • Servers in every US state
  • Supports up to 10Gbps connections
  • Highly customizable
  • Limited protocols
  • Based in the US

PIA is convenient for NFL Sunday Ticket primarily because it runs servers in all US states. Sunday Ticket is accessible via YouTube TV which is geo-restricted only to the US. Therefore, PIA's unmatched server selection in the US enables you to easily watch Sunday Ticket from anywhere, as well as NFL+, NFL Redzone, and NFL Game Pass.

Besides giving you an expansive network of over 30,000 servers in 91 countries, PIA supports high-bandwidth connections of up to 10Gbps. You can smoothly stream NFL games in the highest picture quality as long as your internet source is fast enough. WireGuard protocol is highly recommended for faster streaming speeds.

PIA lets you customize the level of encryption you want to use for streaming NFL games. The default AES 128-bit encryption is fast and secure, but you can easily switch to AES 256-bit encryption for advanced protection. PIA also gives you unlimited connections like Surfshark, but at a much lower starting price of $2.11.

6. Best budget VPN for NFL Game Pass

A pocket-friendly VPN service for anyone

PrivateVPN emphasizes quality over quantity by offering robust (but relatively fewer) servers that can do the job cost-effectively.

  • Affordable
  • Stealth VPN mode
  • Free remote installation
  • Susceptible to server overload
  • Doesn't offer the WireGuard protocol

PrivateVPN is a stellar VPN for watching NFL Game Pass, but with much lower subscription prices than rivals. The long-term plans start from only $2.00, but shorter ones are also fairly priced. It supports a wide range of payment methods too, including GPay, Apple Pay, and Bitcoin. Crypto payments enhance privacy because you don't have to leave traces of your financial data.

You can easily watch NFL Game Pass via secure PrivateVPN servers in Canada and across Europe. To get better results with accessing DAZN or any platform that shows NFL games, you can switch to the Stealth Mode (in the settings). This will disguise your VPN traffic as regular HTTPS connections to get past any firewall filters meant to block encrypted traffic.

While PrivateVPN apps are user-friendly, the service also offers free remote installation assistance on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can contact the support team anytime, and they will install the VPN on your behalf (you have to grant some permissions on your device).

7. Best VPN to watch NFL Game Pass VPN for international travel

A VPN offering smart connection tools

VyprVPN aspires to work everywhere, thanks to a solid proprietary protocol that easily evades the keen eye of network surveillance tools.

  • Proprietary Chameleon protocol
  • Over 300,000 IP addresses
  • Dynamic server switching
  • Doesn't support Linux
  • Limited plans

VyprVPN closely competes with Surfshark when it comes to cross-border NFL streaming. It has a proprietary Chameleon protocol that works even in places with internet access restrictions like China and Russia. This offers you the chance to watch NFL Game Pass while traveling anywhere in the world without restrictions.

The VPN uses a private DNS service called VyprDNS. It ensures that your DNS requests aren't visible to network filters that detect and block access to geo-restricted websites. This feature comes in handy in highly-censored countries where US-based platforms are blocked.

VyprVPN also offers more than 300,000 shared IP addresses, plus 700+ servers in 70 countries. This makes it convenient for accessing NFL Game Pass via countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, and so forth. The VPN uses a dynamic server-switching mechanism that automatically assigns you a new server if your chosen NFL streaming server is overloaded or temporarily offline.

VyprVPN only has two subscription options available (which is quite limiting) and the most affordable plan is $5/month.

8. Best VPN to watch NFL+ and Game Pass for beginners

A user-friendly VPN

ProtonVPN's simplicity across major popular platforms signifies that it's truly a VPN for all, novice and experienced users alike.

  • Intuitive apps
  • VPN accelerator to boost speeds
  • Offers a free version
  • Poor customer support
  • Secure Core servers are slightly slow

ProtonVPN offers straightforward apps convenient for anyone using a VPN for the first time, without having prior knowledge of all the existing VPN tips and tricks. You can easily find servers to use for streaming NFL+ or NFL Game Pass in and outside the US because they're clearly labeled on the list. The app also displays a map where you can simply tap a region and instantly get connected to an optimal streaming server (there are 3,000+ servers in 69 locations).

ProtonVPN also integrates a VPN Accelerator feature to boost connection speeds. You can easily watch football games in 4K quality whether you're streaming via NFL Game Pass or platforms like YouTube TV.

ProtonVPN also runs a free service that you can use to watch the NFL Game Pass. The free server locations include the US, Netherlands, and Japan. You can stream as much content as you want with the free version since bandwidth isn't capped. The paid version costs anything from $4.99 and offers much more features for NFL Game Pass.

The best VPN to watch NFL Game Pass: The bottom Line

A VPN for NFL Game Pass should be able to access DAZN since it's the sole broadcaster of the NFL games internationally. You can easily watch the regular season and playoffs online as long as your VPN reliably works with a majority of the platforms showing NFL games in or outside the US.

ExpressVPN beats most geo-streaming restrictions because all its servers worldwide are obfuscated. It's also super-fast for intensive browsing activities like 4K streaming, enabling you to watch NFL Game Pass in the best picture resolution.

ExpressVPN logo
Editor's Choice

ExpressVPN has garnered a strong reputation as a very reliable VPN for streaming live and on-demand sports content, including regular or postseason NFL games and the Super Bowl.

NordVPN offers top-of-the-line protection if you prioritize privacy when streaming on NFL Game Pass, NFL+, or any platform of your choice. You can watch content without worrying about getting spied on by third parties, including your internet service provider (ISP).

CyberGhost makes streaming NFL Game Pass easy by providing DAZN-optimized servers across multiple countries. It also offers dedicated servers for other live TV and on-demand content streaming platforms, allowing you to watch the NFL season without cable.

How I chose the best VPNs for watching NFL Game Pass

With so many VPNs available out there, you'll need all the time in the world to test and handpick the best ones for NFL Game Pass. I'm experienced with VPN services, so I know where to start when selecting the most appropriate ones to use for NFL streaming. These are some of the things I prioritized when researching VPN services;

  • Ample server coverage: I checked sufficient server availability in the regions where DAZN is supported, so you can access NFL Game Pass from anywhere. Also, server presence in the US is important if you want to watch football via NFL+ or live TV platforms like ESPN+, Peacock, Hulu+ Live TV, Paramount+, and many more.
  • The ability to access the NFL. I tested each VPN's unblocking capabilities, especially if they work seamlessly with DAZN and other platforms that show NFL games live or on-demand.
  • Performance: My shortlisted VPNs deliver fast and stable connections to ensure you can watch NFL games without experiencing slow buffering.
  • Compatibility: The VPNs work with a wide range of streaming devices including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, smart TVs, Fire TV, and many more.
  • Security and privacy: It's also crucial to use a VPN that doesn't compromise your online safety. These VPNs deploy the most secure encryption standards (AES 256-bit) alongside other features like a kill switch, and leak protection. They all follow a no-logging policy.
  • Price: I considered the price-value proposition in each VPN to ensure you always get your money's worth.

Can I watch NFL Game Pass with a VPN?

Yes, a VPN lets you watch NFL Game Pass from any location. If you've traveled to a country with no access to DAZN, you can still access your NFL Game Pass streaming account. Simply connect to a server in your home country, and you'll be assigned an IP address that works with DAZN. Afterward, you can sign in to your NFL Game Pass account and watch live football games.

How can I use a free VPN to watch NFL Game Pass?

First, get a free reliable VPN that works with Game Pass. Some of the options worth trying out include ProtonVPN and Windscribe. Most free VPNs aren't very effective at bypassing geo-restrictions, so it's mostly a matter of trial. Once you've installed the free VPN, connect to an appropriate server location and access your NFL Game Pass account to watch live or on-demand NFL content.