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Some owners of Google's Pixel Watches report that they are experiencing an issue that causes the Clock app's alarms to fire at the wrong time.

While most people say that the alarms are being fired later than they should, some do also note that the Google Pixel Watch has also alerted them earlier than it was supposed to.

Worryingly for those hoping to find a workaround for the problem, 9to5Google reports that the issue appears to be random, with no consistency from which people can try and figure out what is happening. That also means that the intermittent nature of the problem ensures that Pixel Watch wearers can't trust the Clock app each and every time they set an alarm.

It's also said that the problem doesn't appear to be related to a specific software version.

Anecdotally, 9to5Google's Abner Li notes that they have experienced similar problems. "In my experience, having used a Fitbit of some sort to wake up (vibrate only, no sound, and Bedtime Mode not in use) for the past 10 or so years, I’ve had Pixel Watch alarms be late twice since launch, with eight minutes being the longest delay when waking up in the morning," they note.

On the positive side, it does sound like the alarms do always sound at some point, but not knowing when that will happen when you set an alarm does ruin the experience somewhat.

And that's a huge shame, given the fact that the Pixel Watch is proving to be a popular wearable. We gave it a very positive review, saying that despite an underwhelming battery the watch featured a "gorgeous and seamless design." We also enjoyed the display and haptics and, yes, the alerts as well.

If your Google Pixel Watch can't quite wake you up when it's supposed to, all we can suggest is reaching out to Google and then hoping that a software fix deals with whatever gremlin is causing the problem in the first place. Because a watch that can't tell the time isn't ideal at all.