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Simon Lucas is a technology and electronics journalist, and has been for almost 20 years. He spent five years as editor of What Hi-Fi? and his subsequent work as a freelance writer and consultant has seen him retained by some of the world's most high-profile brands and titles

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Bose QuietComfort Ultra 1
Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones hands-on: Priced for performance

Bose's flagship headphones cost a pretty penny, but does their performance make their price tag add up? We took a first listen to find out.

Ruark Audio R1 Mk4 review photo 2 1
Ruark Audio R1 Mk4 review: Dashing DAB radio

The fourth-gen of this DAB radio is a dashing looking number, but is it a bit of an excessive luxury in this day and age?

Cleer Crescent review photo 1 1
Cleer Crescent review: Reshaping expectations of sound?

This big and bold speaker design has some great merit, but at this asking price is it as good as you can get? Read on...

LG Tone Free HBS-FN7 review photo 1 1
LG Tone Free HBS-FN7 true wireless review: Comfortable and clean

With UV self-cleaning case and some interesting features, LG offers a comfortable wire-free earbud option. But so does the competition.

Panasonic Soundslayer SC-HTB01 review photo 6 1
Panasonic Soundslayer soundbar review: Does it truly 'slay' gaming audio?

This small soundbar is designed for boosting gaming audio under a monitor, but it'll also be at home enhancing a small TV's output too.

Yamaha SR-C20A soundbar review photo 4 1
Yamaha SR-C20A review: Pint-sized soundbar adds extra pop

The small-scale C20A is an all-in-one soundbar solution - there's no separate subwoofer option - that bangs out big audio from a little package.

Yamaha SR-B20A lead photo 1 1
Yamaha SR-B20A review: Big 'bar, big sound

Yamaha is synonymous with soundbar design. This model refreshes its entry-level, but it's anything but entry-level in its audio delivery.

Braun Audio LE03 review photo 5 1
Braun Audio LE03 review: Back with a bang?

Braun is back in the audio business. But is its LE series - the LE03 being the smallest - worth its not inconsiderable asking price?

Sony HT-G700 review photo 2 1
Sony HT-G700 soundbar review: Sonically sound but lacks convincing surround

If you want extra audio presence for your TV then the HT-G700 is worth consideration. But its surround soundstage isn't entirely convincing.

Panasonic HZ1500 4K OLED TV review photo 7 1
Panasonic HZ1500 4K OLED TV review: Serious about sound

The HZ1500's USP is its integrated Dolby Atmos sound system. Add all the HDR decoding you could want, plus epic picture quality, and it's a winner.

Panasonic HX940 review photo 1 1
Panasonic HX940 4K TV review: Elevated imagery

The top-end LED-backlit LCD TV from Panasonic comes in three sizes and delivers delightful picture quality for its price outlay. Can it do no wrong?

Multibeam 700 review photo 3 1
Harman Kardon Citation Multibeam 700 review: Small soundbar, great big sound

A usefully compact, very thoroughly specified, and big sonic improvement on your TV's sound. This is an accomplished soundbar for the asking price.

Linn Series 3 review image 1 1
Linn Series 3 review: Sonic superiority

The most expensive wireless speaker we can recall seeing. But there’s really no arguing with the way it performs. It's audiophile heaven.

LG CX review image 1 1
LG OLED CX 4K TV review: Superb picture quality

Call it a Greatest Hit: this 4K OLED telly ticks almost every box, delivering sumptuous picture quality that you'll struggle to rival.

Samsung Q65T 4K QLED TV review image 1 1
Samsung Q65T 4K QLED TV review: Punchy picture at an attractive price

If you want bright and colourful images, but want to buy higher up the QLED range, the QT65 is a well balanced offering. Ignoring its poor sound.

Lg Oled Gx 4k Tv Review image 1 1
LG OLED GX 4K TV review: The wall-mounted master

If you want to hang a superb big-screen TV on your wall then you'll find no better than LG's GX OLED. It's slimmer than the CX range.

Tcl Ep658 Review image 1 1
TCL EP658X1 4K TV review: Ultra-HD on a budget

If you're looking for a 4K TV on a budget, can TCL deliver the goods?

Montblanc MB-01 review image 1 1
Montblanc MB-01 review: Indulgent ear-candy

Looking for luxury headphones? If you want flawless, indulgent design and don't mind paying for it then these are the headphones for you.

LG 65NANO906 review image 1 1
LG NANO90 4K NanoCell TV review: Can it outshine OLED?

LG has been making waves in OLED for years. The NANO906 is its top-line LCD LED TV; an alternative that's a half the price of the OLED equivalent.

Bang Olufsen Beosound Balance review image 1 1
Bang & Olufsen Beosound Balance: Opulent audio

Factor in the looks, the choice of materials and the exemplary construction, and you've a speaker that can loosen a wallet faster than most.