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While many people are turning to the best true wireless earbuds for their audio needs on the go, there are still those people who prefer to lose themselves in their music using a pair of proper over-ear cans.

Choosing the best wireless headphones for the job will depend on how you're most likely to use them - whether you are thinking about trips to the gym, to while away time on your commute or for frequent travel abroad, there will be a pair of headphones here that will suit you.

Read on to discover which you should pick, but if noise cancellation is top of your priorities, our best ANC headphones and earbuds piece will give you a much broader view of what's available across over-ears, on-ears and in-ears.

Best wireless headphones: Our top picks

best wireless headphones photo 23
Sony WH-1000XM5
1. Best wireless headphones overall

A cut above the rest

An amazing all-round package that sounds simply incredible, Sony's latest offering is pretty much as good as it gets.

  • Superb listening experience
  • Comfortable for hours
  • Don't fold as small as older model
  • No aptX or aptX HD support

Sony's noise-cancelling, over-ear headphones are an extraordinary all-rounder, providing a sound experience that we'd class as among the best we've ever tested - now with a fresh new design.

The WH-1000XM5 are particularly clever with noise-cancelling, offering various modes to allow your voice to pass through (or not), and more effective than ever. Hi-res music support is offered by LDAC.

Sound great, great to wear and outstanding on noise reduction - you get 30 hours of playback (ANC on) and the option for a wired connection when the battery runs flat.

The WH-1000XM4 that they replace are still worth considering - as they'll be a little cheaper - but this latest pair of Sony headphones is a masterclass.

EE Pocket-lint Awards 2022: Best Headphones of the year photo 2
Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2
2. Best wireless headphones runner up

Hey good looking

$319 $399 Save $80

Offering a better fit, improved noise cancelling and the iconic Bowers & Wilkins sound, the Px7 S2 are a superb pair of headphones

  • Excellent audio performance
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Noise cancelling has been improved
  • Supports aptX Adaptive
  • Carrying case is massive
  • Companion app needs access to more services
  • No aptX Lossless

These over-ears don't just improve on the original Px7s, they match their peers expertly - and, in many cases, they better them.

Audio performance is throaty and robust, with there's fine control over clarity, too. You'll get as much enjoyment from a bass-heavy Stormzy session as you will an episode of The Umbrella Academy on a packed train - they're a commuter's dream.

That's helped because noise cancellation has been enhanced, too, with better blocking of unwanted ambience without impacting sound quality.

Perhaps what elevates them to compete more readily with the Sony WH-1000XM5 and the like, though, is the design. Not only do the Px7 S2s look incredibly slick, but they are also by far the most comfortable Bowers & Wilkins wireless headphones yet.

best wireless headphones photo 13
Bose QuietComfort 45
3. Best wireless headphones for noise cancellation

The sound of silence

With hard-to-beat sound and an excellent folding design, these are our go-to pick for travelling.

  • Folding design is ideal for travel
  • Super sound and ANC
  • No auto-off power option
  • The design feels tired next to rivals

Bose's QC45 wireless headphones are another triumph, bringing users top-tier noise-cancelling, thumping bass and a design that's suited to life on the road.

Physical buttons return to the outer shell, while the folding design makes it ideal for throwing into bags and the likes. The 24-hour battery life, as well, while not being class-leading, is still very good.

The only real downside to the package is that it isn't quite as premium in looks or feel as the NC Headphones 700 from Bose, and, like some of Sony's options, the upgrades are relatively mild in comparison to previous generations.

That aside, though, the latest QuietComfort model is still very easy to recommend over rivals

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Bowers & Wilkins Px8
4. Best wireless headphones for big budgets

Luxury listening

$661 $699 Save $38

It's no surprise that B&W's premium cans tick all the right boxes offering sound that's detailed, expansive and refined.

  • Luxurious, refined design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Really good sound
  • No passive listening

Bowers & Wilkins Px8 are a predictably gorgeous pair of headphones built with refined styling and luxurious materials that'll please those with the fussiest of tastes. They take the design up a notch from the Px7 S2, and the audio performance gets some improvement too - but you will need to feed them the very best source material to get the most from them.

In terms of specs, you get top features like aptX Adaptive, quality ANC, transparency mode, Bluetooth 5.2 and support for wireless codecs up to 24-bit/48kHz, which B&W calls "better than CD" quality.

There's no denying that it's an expensive pair of headphones though. At £599 / €699 / $699, this is a pair that's a lot more expensive than most others on the list, but for those who want that ultra-premium feel and incredible sound quality, these are among the best on the market.

Grado GW100X review: photo 17
Grado GW100X
5. Best wireless headphones for open back sound

For audiophiles who want the very best sound quality for at-home listening, Grado's Bluetooth cans are superb.

  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Superb battery life
  • Very lightweight
  • Pricey
  • Flimsy-feeling construction
  • Can be uncomfortable for glasses wearers

The Grado GW100X are undoubtedly a niche set of headphones, designed primarily for home listening, but with the wireless connectivity normally associated with portable products.

However, if you hate being tethered down by wires, and want to experience uncompromising spacious sound, these are just the ticket.

The battery life is incredible and multipoint connectivity makes them more convenient than ever before. The sound is absolutely stellar, with a wide soundstage, sparkling detail and a suprising amount of low end response.

We only wished that they felt a little more premium, but in some ways, the rudimentary retro constuction just adds to the charm.

If you're on the hunt for Bluetooth open back headphones, these are likely the best sounding option on the market.

best wireless headphones photo 2
Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700
6. Best wireless headphones for travel

Very hard to beat

$299 $379 Save $80

Some of the best noise-cancelling ever put in headphones, this Bose model is a masterpiece.

  • Multi-level noise-cancelling technology
  • Multi-level noise-cancelling technology
  • Non-folding design
  • No EQ within the app

The Bose NC 700 over-ears really step things up a gear from models that came before it, offering a really premium-feeling design.

There's superb noise-cancelling to cut out external sound, and loud and proud sound quality without the need for wires (a backup 2.5-3.5mm cable is included in the carry case, though).

The battery life lasts for about 18 hours, too, making these good over-ear headphones for travelling - providing you can manage the design, obviously.

Despite their age, these headphones still look, feel and sound better than many rivals - including alternatives from Bose itself. It's been overtaken in some regards, sure, but this is still an outstanding pair to invest in.

Master and Dynamic MW75 photo 16
Master & Dynamic MW75
7. Best wireless headphones for style

A premium alternative

Master & Dynamic's flagship headphones offer premium materials and fantastic sound. It's a killer combination.

  • Stunning sound
  • Premium design materials
  • Effective noise cancelling
  • aptX Adaptive support
  • Expensive
  • Not as feature-rich as some competitors

For Master & Dynamic, making just another pair of wireless headphones was never going to be enough. The Master & Dynamic MW75 are a very unique pair that combine ultra-premium materials with out-of-this-world sound.

The ANC offered is effective at cutting out most noise, while the audio quality and sound profile mean you'll enjoy your music to the fullest.

Sure, M&D could have gone with a more feature-rich approach like Sony, but, by focusing on the design and core sound experience, the New York-based company has built a stunning pair of headphones.

Best ANC headphones photo 20
Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless
8. Best wireless headphones for battery life
$299 $380 Save $81

A great redesign that has resulted in some seriously excellent headphones, that are up on features and lower in price.

  • Great balanced sound
  • Nice and comfortable
  • Very impressive battery life
  • Less unique design
  • Touch controls a little hair-trigger

If you need wireless headphones with serious battery life, the 60 hours available from the Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless - with noise cancelling activated - may well appeal. But that's not the end of their charm.

These redesigned headphones have a more understated design than their predecessors, and are hugely comfortable to accommodate these mammoth listening sessions, with big earcups that are pillow-soft against your head. Sound quality is outstanding, of course, offering a rich balance that works across genres, and support for aptX Adaptive for higher bitrate music with compatible devices.

The ANC here is good but not outstanding - you can find the very best elsewhere. But as an all-round package, these are fantastic.

Sony WH-CH720N-1
Sony WH-CH720N
9. Best wireless headphones on a budget

A great choice if you're looking for superb-sounding ANC headphones on a budget,

  • Great sound quality
  • Very decent ANC
  • Really comfortable
  • Cheap build

You don't often come across noise-cancelling headphones that sound as good as Sony's WH-CH720N, and cost this little - particularly when sales will regularly bring them under the $100 mark.

The shortcuts to get to that price are fairly obvious, particularly where build quality and materials come into it, but the fact is that you still get extremely solid ANC for journeys, a fit that's more than comfortable enough to last you hours, and extremely decent battery life.

We think these headphones would be a massive hit with teenagers lucky enough to get their hands on them, but anyone looking for a solid affordable pick would do well to consider them, too.

How did I choose the best wireless headphones?

Having tested many of these headphones myself, I considered some of the most important things that someone should consider when choosing wireless headphones - sound quality, features, battery life and fit. All of the above sound great, without exception, but they also surpass themselves in areas that their competitors may fall down in, whether that's the level of their noise cancellation, or how comfortable they are to wear for long periods.

I was aware of adding a range of price points and use cases, and also checked in with real-life user reviews to ensure my experiences, and those of the Pocket-lint team, were along the same lines, and that long-term use stacked up from a reliability perspective too.


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