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Wed, 11 Oct 2023 22:25:32 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/best-amazon-prime-day-headphone-deals/
<![CDATA[Beats Studio Buds+ vs Apple AirPods Pro 2: Which are the best?]]> Apple's AirPods and Beats find themselves a bit of a strange situation - where they are owned by the same parent company, and yet in almost direct competition with one another. The Beats Studio Buds+ make that rivalry closer than ever, with improvements on the original Beats Studio Buds that really take the fight to the AirPods Pro 2 - and could just make them some of the best Beats earbuds yet.

Thu, 28 Sep 2023 23:57:49 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/beats-studio-buds-vs-apple-airpods-pro-2-which-should-you-buy/
<![CDATA[Best Workout Headphones 2023: Expert tested and reviewed ]]> When looking for the best headphones for the gym, running or other workouts, priorities are slightly different from when you're trying to hunt down headphones for casual listening.

Thu, 21 Sep 2023 02:30:30 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/best-workout-headphones/
<![CDATA[Best Beats Headphones 2023: Which should you buy?]]> It's fair to say that no other brand has had the impact on the headphones market that Beats has in the past 15 years. While their take on styling and sound might not have always pleased the audiophile crowd, there's little argument of just how much they captured public attention. They made paying (not inconsiderable) money for headphones cool again - in an era where cheap bundled buds were the go-to option for most.

Thu, 17 Aug 2023 14:34:15 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/best-beats-headphones/
<![CDATA[Want to use Powerbeats Pro with an Android phone? Here's how! ]]> Ever since Beats by Dre became part of Apple's family, it's been able to draw on Apple's technologies, while maintaining its fashion-forward sporty approach to design, most recently seen with the revamped Beats Studio Pro.

Fri, 21 Jul 2023 17:00:23 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/use-powerbeats-pro-android/
<![CDATA[Beats Studio Buds+ vs Beats Studio Buds: What's the difference?]]> The Beats Studio Buds+ are an updated version of 2021's original Beats Studio Buds - true wireless in-ear headphones that, at launch, offered a good amount of features at a very affordable price.

Thu, 20 Jul 2023 15:25:44 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/beats-studio-buds-plus-vs-beats-studio-buds-whats-the-difference/
<![CDATA[Beats Studio Pro vs Beats Studio 3 Wireless: What's new?]]> Six years after the Beats Studio 3 Wireless launched, Beats has finally introduced a successor - the Beats Studio Pro. They bring with them a number of internal improvements, including improved audio and noise cancellation, USB-C lossless audio over a wired connection and even a smidge more battery life.

Wed, 19 Jul 2023 14:13:41 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/beats-studio-pro-vs-beats-studio-3-wireless/
<![CDATA[Beats Studio Pro hands-on: An icon reborn?]]> While Beats as a brand has diversified its line up significantly over the years, to anyone who has followed the brand from the beginning, the Beats over-ears will always feel like the head of the family - the design that started it all and single-handedly changed the headphone landscape as we know it.

Wed, 19 Jul 2023 14:01:32 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/beats-studio-pro-review/
<![CDATA[Beats Studio Pro vs Apple AirPods Max: What's the difference?]]> Beats has announced its fourth generation of its Studio over-ear wireless headphones. The Studio Pro succeed the popular Studio Wireless 3, bringing a number of improvements, including USB-C Audio and Spatial Audio with Dynamic Head Tracking, as well as a refined design.

Wed, 19 Jul 2023 14:01:29 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/beats-studio-pro-vs-apple-airpods-max-differences-compared/
<![CDATA[Beats Studio Buds+ review: The best Beats buds for most people]]> It's been almost a decade since Apple bought Beats, and in that time the brand has been on a bit of a journey trying to find a new identity under its new owners.

Wed, 17 May 2023 14:00:20 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/beats-studio-buds-plus-review/
<![CDATA[Leaked Beats Studio Buds Plus look like Nothing we've seen before]]> When Apple finally does get around to sharing the Beats Studio Buds Plus with everyone there won't be all that much to be surprised about, it seems. It can thank Amazon for that after the retailer apparently leaked the unannounced earbuds in all their glory. And boy do they look familiar.

Wed, 26 Apr 2023 09:57:08 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/leaked-beats-studio-buds-plus-look-like-nothing-weve-seen-before/
<![CDATA[Beats Studio Buds+ spotted in latest iOS build, said to use custom Beats chip]]> Beats will reportedly replace its popular Beats Studio Buds in-ear headphones with a new model soon. A mention of Beats Studio Buds+ has been found in the latest build of iOS.

Wed, 22 Mar 2023 12:05:28 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/beats-studio-buds-plus-rumour/
<![CDATA[Beats Powerbeats Pro deal slashes $70 off the price]]> The Powerbeats Pro true wireless earbuds have a great offer on right now.

Tue, 07 Mar 2023 12:27:49 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/beats-powerbeats-pro-deal/
<![CDATA[Beats Fit Pro gets fresh new colours for 2023]]> Beats has refreshed its Fit Pro range with a fresh splash of colour for spring 2023, launching three new hues for its noise-cancelling sports buds. Those are Coral Pink, Volt Yellow and Tidal Blue.

Tue, 21 Feb 2023 16:33:09 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/beats-fit-pro-gets-fresh-new-colours-2023/
<![CDATA[Excellent Beats Fit Pro now available for a great price]]>

If you're after a great deal on one of our favourite pairs of everyday in-ears, the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale delivers, with the excellent Beats Fit Pro now available with $40 off in the US and £40 off in the UK, taking them down to just $159.95 or £179 respectively. 

Wed, 12 Oct 2022 20:00:00 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/deals/prime-day/162942-beats-fit-pro-deal/
<![CDATA[Great savings on Beats Studio 3 Wireless in the Prime Early Access Sale]]>

Almost every time a major shopping event comes along, you'll find the Beats Studio 3 Wireless in and amongst the discounts. Prime Early Access Sale 2022 is no different, and you can now find Beats' top of the line headphones available at a great price. 

Wed, 12 Oct 2022 16:30:00 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/prime-day/161849-beats-studio-3-deals-discount-prime-day/
<![CDATA[Kim Kardashian and Beats launch a Fit Pro earbuds collab]]>

Apple-owned Beats has teamed up with Kim Kardashian to release a themed pair of Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds called Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Earbuds - Kim K Special Edition. The new Beats x Kim collab is available in very on-brand-for-Kim neutral colours that can either "blend in or stand out" because they're flesh-toned, according to Kardashian.

Wed, 10 Aug 2022 05:07:41 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/162199-kim-kardashian-beats-earbuds-price-release-date-where-to-buy/
<![CDATA[Beats to release Fit Pro in three new colours?]]>

A fresh leak suggests that Beats could be working on three new colours for its Fit Pro earbuds and - looking at those three colours - it appears they could very well be designed to blend with skin tones. 

Mon, 01 Aug 2022 08:20:50 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/162077-beats-fit-pro-skin-tones-colours/
<![CDATA[Beats and Daily Paper to launch special edition Studio Buds]]>

Beats has announced a new collaboration with Amsterdam based fashion brand Daily Paper. Together they will be launching a special edition set of Beats Studio Buds as part of Daily Paper's spring/summer 2022 collection.

Wed, 25 May 2022 09:54:33 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/161275-beats-teams-up-with-daily-paper-to-launch-graffiti-covered-special-edition-studio-buds/
<![CDATA[New colours and features for Beats Studio Buds]]>

Beats has announced new colours of its popular Studio Buds wireless headphones. Already available in Black, White and Beats Red, the wireless earbuds are being introduced in Sunset Pink, Ocean Blue and Moon Gray.

Tue, 12 Apr 2022 12:55:12 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/160752-beats-studio-buds-launch-in-new-colours-new-features-for-android-users/
<![CDATA[Beats Fit Pro review: 'AirPods Pro for workouts']]>

Beats' first pair of true wireless buds - the Powerbeats Pro - was aimed purely at those who needed a long-lasting, great-sounding pair of 'buds for workouts. Its second pair - the Studio Buds - was an affordable, convenient everyday pair of earphones. But what if Beats took the best bits of both and made it one product? That's exactly where the Beats Fit Pro fits in.

Mon, 24 Jan 2022 13:00:00 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/reviews/beats/159769-beats-fit-pro-review/
<![CDATA[This is an amazing saving for the Beats Powerbeats Pro]]>

The Black Friday 2022 sales are almost here and there are some amazing savings to be had already, including a great discount on Beats' awesome workout earphones: the Powerbeats Pro. 

Mon, 14 Nov 2022 15:00:00 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/deals/black-friday/154217-beats-headphones-deal-powerbeats-pro-are-75-for-prime-day-2020/
<![CDATA[Mega Beats deals on Solo Pro, Powerbeats and Studio 3]]>

We're sure you've heard by now but Black Friday discounts have started, and from today you can save big on several of Beats' most popular headphone models. Whether you're after some over-ears, on-ears, or workout earphones, there's something for everyone on Amazon this week. 

Fri, 26 Nov 2021 12:38:41 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/deals/black-friday/159147-beats-deals/
<![CDATA[Get the Beats Studio 3 at over 50% off for Black Friday]]>

The iconic Beats Studio 3 headphones are not always available at such a fantastic price, but today they are. So, don't miss your chance to grab a pair in an early Black Friday deal.

Tue, 23 Nov 2021 17:40:00 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/deals/black-friday/157404-get-the-beats-studio3-at-over-50-off/
<![CDATA[Beats Fit Pro available to order in UK from 24 January 2022]]>

Beats launched its latest Fit Pro true wireless in-ear headphones in the US at the end of 2021, now they are coming to the UK later in January.

Tue, 11 Jan 2022 11:41:00 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/158938-beats-fit-pro-specs-price-release/
<![CDATA[Beats Fit Pro leaked: fitness buds with ANC to launch soon]]>

Having launched its first pair of noise-cancelling TWS buds earlier in the year, it appears Beats is about to launch another. But this time, the company is looking to build on its reputation for creating earphones that are great for working out in. 

Wed, 20 Oct 2021 08:26:59 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/158789-beats-fit-pro-buds-design-specs-price/
<![CDATA[Beats Studio Buds review: Adding appeal for Android users]]>

Since being purchased by Apple, Beats has been on something of a journey redefining itself. It typically takes the best of Apple's tech and wraps it in a product that's visually distinct from its parent company's offerings. 

Sun, 29 Aug 2021 11:00:00 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/reviews/beats/158042-beats-studio-buds-review/
<![CDATA[Beats Studio Buds ANC earphones are official!]]>

Having leaked already recently, Beats has now officially unveiled its next expected pair of wireless earphones: Beats Studio Buds. 

Mon, 14 Jun 2021 15:00:00 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/157256-beats-studio-buds-specs-price/
<![CDATA[Is LeBron James wearing Beats Studio Buds on Instagram?]]>

Apple's yet-to-be-announced Beats Studio Buds have appeared in regulatory filings, beta code, image leaks, and now... on LeBron James.

Thu, 27 May 2021 04:17:01 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/157093-is-lebron-james-wearing-beats-studio-buds-in-these-instagram-pics/
<![CDATA[This is what Apple's upcoming Beats Studio Buds look like]]>

Apple-owned Beats has been rumoured to be developing a new pair of wireless earbuds called Beats Studio Buds. They were even recently spotted in US Federal Communication Commission filings. Now, real-life images of the earbuds have surfaced online.

Wed, 26 May 2021 22:26:18 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/157091-this-is-what-apple-s-upcoming-beats-studio-buds-look-like/
<![CDATA[Apple's Beats Studio Buds spotted at FCC: Launch imminent?]]>

Apple-owned Beats appears to be readying a new pair of high-end earbuds, as evident by US Federal Communications Commission filings.

Tue, 25 May 2021 03:36:33 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/157043-apple-s-beats-studio-buds-spotted-in-fcc-filings-is-a-launch-imminent/
<![CDATA[Beats Studio Buds leak: Earbuds spotted in Apple’s betas]]>

Apple-owned Beats appears to be readying a new pair of high-end earbuds, as evident by leaks coming from Apple's beta software.

Mon, 17 May 2021 21:37:03 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/156932-beats-studio-buds-leak-out-new-earbuds-spotted-in-apple-s-beta-software/
<![CDATA[Beats Powerbeats Pro vs Apple AirPods Pro: What's the difference?]]>

Apple-owned Beats' offers the Powerbeats Pro, which have many of the same features as the second generation of Apple's AirPods and the AirPods Pro but with a few design differences.

Tue, 20 Apr 2021 15:30:00 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/buyers-guides/147817-beats-powerbeats-pro-vs-apple-airpods-which-should-you-choose/
<![CDATA[Beats Powerbeats Pro will get Find My support with iOS 14.5]]>

Apple's Find My app allows users to locate their devices, as well as their friends and set their own location preferences. The release of iOS 14.5 will bring support for Beats PowerBeats Pro headphones in the devices section though.

Wed, 03 Mar 2021 10:39:37 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/155953-beats-powerbeats-pro-will-get-find-my-support-with-ios-14-5/
<![CDATA[Beats Flex review: Beats on a budget]]> Beats has been one of the most fashionable audio brands for a number of years now, a profile that's only grown since its acquisition by Apple.

Sat, 31 Oct 2020 12:00:00 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/reviews/beats/154435-beats-flex-review/
<![CDATA[Beats Flex is an affordable follow up to the Beats X]]>

Beats has unveiled a new pair of flexible neckband style earphones, called the Beats Flex, and these are the company's most affordable wireless earbuds yet. 

Tue, 13 Oct 2020 13:01:04 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/154226-beats-flex-price-release-details/
<![CDATA[New awesome Powerbeats Pro colours incoming, and they look great]]>

Beats has announced that its most popular earphones - the Powerbeats Pro - is being made available in a handful of new colours, just in time for the summer. 

Fri, 29 May 2020 12:43:23 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/152378-powerbeats-pro-new-colours-pink-blue-yellow-red/
<![CDATA[We'd love to see Powerbeats Pro in these new rumoured colours]]>

A fresh rumour, from a source that seems pretty shaky, suggests that Beats is about to unveil a fresh wave of colours for the Powerbeats Pro, and we really want it to be true.

Thu, 14 May 2020 08:16:57 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/152186-powerbeats-pro-new-colours/
<![CDATA[Beats Powerbeats 4 review - Pocket-lint]]>

Powerbeats Pro was arguably the first taste we got of the fruit to come from the Apple and Beats partnership, since Apple first bought the company way back in 2014. It was the first time we saw a design co-created with the expertise from Apple; one with lots of custom, in-house tech inside. 

Fri, 27 Mar 2020 14:39:05 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/reviews/beats/151614-beats-powerbeats-review-4/
<![CDATA[Beats Powerbeats 4 is a new pair of workout earphones with even better battery]]>

Beats has unveiled a new pair of workout earphones. They're called the Powerbeats 4, and pick up from where the Powerbeats 3 left off, bringing a refined design and better battery along for the ride.

Mon, 16 Mar 2020 12:18:02 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/151437-beats-powerbeats-4-release/
<![CDATA[Massive Powerbeats 4 Wireless leak reveals pics and specs]]>

Beats by Dre will very soon announce its Powerbeats 4 Wireless headphones, if the latest leak is any indication.

Mon, 09 Mar 2020 14:34:22 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/151358-massive-beats-powerbeats-4-wireless-leak-reveals-pics-and-specs/
<![CDATA[Apple's Powerbeats 4 look just like Powerbeats 3, FCC filing reveals]]>

Apple received approval from the Federal Communications Commission for a pair of wireless earbuds, which are assumed to be the Powerbeats 4.

Thu, 27 Feb 2020 22:09:11 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/151247-apple-s-powerbeats-4-look-just-like-powerbeats-3-fcc-filing-reveals/
<![CDATA[Beats Powerbeats 4 headphones image leaked in iOS 13.3.1]]>

Beats will announce its next wireless headphones in the next few weeks, if new information found in iOS 13.3.1 is anything to go by.

Wed, 29 Jan 2020 12:38:07 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/150911-beats-powerbeats-4-headphones-image-leaked-in-apple-s-ios-13-3-1/
<![CDATA[Apple Powerbeats 4 with Hey Siri support spotted in iOS 13.3]]>

You don't have to be a genius to predict that Apple is likely working on an update to the Powerbeats 3 earbuds, and yet if you want to see evidence that a follow-up is actually on its way, 9to5Mac says it has spotted proof in iOS 13.3.

Wed, 11 Dec 2019 00:00:20 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/150381-evidence-of-apple-powerbeats-4-with-hey-siri-support-spotted-in-ios-13-3/
<![CDATA[Beats Solo Pro review: Premium design with added ANC]]>

The Beats Solo is the company's most popular range of headphones to date. In fact, the manufacturer – now owned by Apple – has sold over a staggering 30 million units. So the company was obviously keen to update these over-ears, using its ties with Apple to create a silhouette which is better designed, better sounding and filled with advanced modern features than the earlier Solo. 

Tue, 05 Nov 2019 12:30:00 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/reviews/beats/149369-beats-solo-pro-review/
<![CDATA[Beats unveils Solo Pro: Its most popular headphones get a premium ANC upgrade]]>

Beats has unveiled its latest on-ear creation: the Solo Pro. It builds on the success of the Solo 3 Wireless, but completely revamps the headphones with more premium materials plus advanced ANC features borrowed from the Studio 3 Wireless

Tue, 15 Oct 2019 08:06:05 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/149765-beats-solo-pro-release-price/
<![CDATA[Apple will soon let you order Powerbeats Pro in new colours]]>

Not everyone wants the AirPods.

Mon, 19 Aug 2019 22:24:18 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/149026-apple-will-soon-let-you-order-its-powerbeats-pro-in-three-new-colours/
<![CDATA[Beats and Aston Martin partner for coolest Studio3 'phones yet]]>

Beats has joined forces with Aston Martin Racing for some ultra cool, special edition Beats by Dre Studio3 Wireless headphones.

Thu, 27 Jun 2019 11:08:48 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/148486-beats-and-aston-martin-partner-for-coolest-studio3-headphones-yet/
<![CDATA[Check out this bright yellow version of the Beats Solo 3 wireless]]>

Apple-owned Beats has launched a new edition of the Solo 3 wireless headphones.

Mon, 10 Jun 2019 15:01:36 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/148313-check-out-this-bright-yellow-version-of-the-beats-solo-3-wireless/
<![CDATA[Beats Powerbeats Pro review: AirPods on steroids]]> When Apple bought Beats by Dre for $3bn back in 2014, both companies had something to gain. Apple got entry into the lucrative, emerging fashion headphones market, while Beats got access to the brains in Apple's tech development team.

Wed, 17 Apr 2019 14:09:39 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/reviews/beats/147801-beats-powerbeats-pro-review/
<![CDATA[Beats true wireless Powerbeats Pro launched, complete with H1 chip]]>

Beats has unveiled its first pair of truly wireless earphones, called the Powerbeats Pro. From the looks of things, it takes the features we loved about one of the best pairs of workout earphones, and evolves them. 

Wed, 03 Apr 2019 13:28:15 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/147652-beats-powerbeats-pro-wireless-earbuds/
<![CDATA[The new Beats Powerbeats Pro make up for the AirPods' key missing feature]]>

Apple-owned Beats is about to launch a set of true wireless earphones called Powerbeats Pro. 

Tue, 26 Mar 2019 09:34:09 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/147565-the-new-beats-powerbeats-pro-make-up-for-the-airpods-key-flaw/
<![CDATA[Apple-owned Beats to launch truly wireless Powerbeats soon]]>

Apple-owned Beats might launch its first truly wireless headphone product next month, according to a new report.

Fri, 22 Mar 2019 21:42:51 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/147540-apple-s-beats-brand-might-launch-truly-wireless-powerbeats-in-april/
<![CDATA[Neymar Beats Studio3 headphones add a little Brazilian flair]]>

There have been quite a few special edition Beats headphones released in the last year or so, including Solo3s that celebrate Mickey Mouse's anniversary and Beats X redesigned by Japanese studio Sacai. Now we have a pair of special edition Studio3 Wireless cans designed in partnership with one of the best footballers in the world: Neymar Jr.

Tue, 12 Mar 2019 09:50:40 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/147409-custom-neymar-beats-studio3-wireless-headphones-add-a-little-brazilian-flair/
<![CDATA[New Beats X earbuds were redesigned by Sacai with beads]]>

Apple-owned Beats by Dre have teamed up with Japanese fashion brand Sacai to launch a new pair of earbuds.

Wed, 27 Feb 2019 19:50:59 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/147292-these-new-beats-x-earbuds-were-redesigned-by-sacai-with-magnetic-jewelry-beads/
<![CDATA[Mickey Mouse Beats Solo3 could be coolest headphones ever]]>

Beats has collaborated with Disney to create a special edition pair of Solo3 wireless headphones for the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse.

Wed, 17 Oct 2018 08:33:05 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/146057-when-will-mickey-mouse-beats-solo3-headphones-be-available-and-how-much/
<![CDATA[Beats Skyline Collection adds luxury to Studio3 Wireless range]]>

Beats has released a luxury range of its Studio3 Wireless headphones in new, premium colour schemes and with the company's critically-acclaimed noise cancelling tech.

Wed, 10 Oct 2018 11:49:14 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/146004-beats-skyline-collection-adds-a-spot-of-luxury-to-studio3-wireless-range/
<![CDATA[Beats headphones to come in colours matching iPhone XS and XR]]>

Headphone brand Beats has announced that it will be releasing a couple of its products in colours to match the new iPhones.

Wed, 12 Sep 2018 19:32:05 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/145710-beats-headphones-to-come-in-colours-matching-iphone-xs-and-xr/
<![CDATA[Beats mixes World Cup stars, Guy Ritchie and a Peaky Blinder for great short film, watch it here]]>

Every four years (two, if you consider the European Championships) sports brands go bonkers with their huge budget adverts. They throw football stars that will grace the World Cup into madcap, effects laden situations for short movies to advertise their gear. Adidas and Nike are generally the biggest hitters in the ad wars.

Thu, 07 Jun 2018 08:22:05 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/144763-beats-mixes-world-cup-stars-guy-ritchie-and-a-peaky-blinder-for-short-film-watch-it-here/
<![CDATA[Beats Decade Collection commemorates 10 years, available now]]>

Apple has officially launched a new Decade Collection of Beats by Dre headphones, to commemorate 10 year of the headphone brand. The Decade Collection was originally thought to launch at WWDC next week, but is now available to buy directly from Apple. The Collection comprises five pairs. 

Fri, 25 May 2018 08:40:01 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/144621-beats-decade-collection-commemorates-10-years-will-launch-at-wwdc/
<![CDATA[Apple could launch own-branded over-ear headphones this year, as well as Beats]]>

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce its own wireless over-ear headphones this year, not just those that are Beats branded.

Mon, 26 Feb 2018 10:46:12 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/143771-apple-could-launch-own-branded-over-ear-headphones-this-year-as-well-as-beats/
<![CDATA[Beats Studio 3 Wireless review: Smart sounding, ultra long-lasting headphones]]> In 2016 Beats upgraded two of its most popular headphones - the Powerbeats and Solo - and released the all new Beats X. All three came equipped with the same W1 chip that makes the Apple AirPods so convenient to pair for iPhone users.

Mon, 04 Sep 2017 11:16:36 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/beats-studio-3-wireless-review/
<![CDATA[Beats Studio 3 Wireless boasts smarter noise cancelling, long battery life]]>

Beats by Dre has just taken the wraps off its latest product: the Studio 3 Wireless. In essence, Beats has kept the design of the Studio 2, but completely reinvented everything on the inside. 

Mon, 04 Sep 2017 09:20:50 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/142141-beats-studio-3-wireless-boasts-smarter-noise-cancelling-long-battery-life/
<![CDATA[Kylie Jenner and new Beats special edition headphones - a match made in heaven?]]>

Beats by Dr Dre has teamed up with French fashion house Balmain to produce a limited edition version of the Beats Studio Wireless over-ear noise-cancelling headphones and Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless in-ear sports headphones, with the entire campaign being fronted by Kylie Jenner.

Wed, 19 Jul 2017 15:10:40 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/141663-kylie-jenner-and-new-beats-special-edition-headphones-a-match-made-in-heaven/
<![CDATA[Powerbeats 3 Wireless review: Beats and bass]]>

There's a lot to consider when buying a pair of sports earphones. You can either opt for the "cheap as possible, don't care if they break, buy new ones if they do," approach, or spend a bit more money on something that will sound good, work well and is capable of outlasting even your most vigorous workouts. 

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 15:44:02 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/reviews/beats/140314-powerbeats-3-wireless-review-beats-and-bass/
<![CDATA[Beats X headphones review: Bass marks the spot]]>

Beats X are the Apple-owned company's attempt at a lightweight in-ear listening experience with good battery life and, in hallmark Beats style, plenty of bass to boot.

Fri, 10 Feb 2017 22:56:07 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/reviews/beats/140228-beats-x-headphones-review-bass-marks-the-spot/
<![CDATA[Apple adds (Product)Red Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones and Pill+ speakers to charity line]]>

Apple supports the (Product)Red campaign all year round, but in honour of World AIDS Day will offer special editions of popular iOS apps on the App Store for the coming week. It has also announced four new (Product)Red products, including a couple of iPhone cases and Beats headphones and speakers.

Wed, 30 Nov 2016 17:14:52 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/139616-apple-adds-product-red-beats-solo-3-wireless-headphones-and-pill-speakers-to-charity-line/
<![CDATA[Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones review: Bass solo]]> Beats has been pretty quiet of late, but with the launch of the new iPhone 7 and iOS 10 the company has released four new headphones - including an update to its popular Solo range.

Mon, 10 Oct 2016 09:50:47 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/reviews/beats/139115-beats-solo-3-wireless-headphones-review-bass-solo/
<![CDATA[Beats unveils new Beats X, Solo 3 and Powerbeats 3 wireless headphones]]>

As part of the Apple iPhone 7 press conference, Apple also introduced a new range of Beats by Dre headphones, all of which include the same W1 chip found inside the new Apple AirPods

Wed, 07 Sep 2016 19:43:53 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/138757-beats-unveils-new-beats-x-solo-3-and-powerbeats-3-wireless-headphones/
<![CDATA[New Beats headphones promised for iPhone 7 launch]]>

Apple is expected to debut new Beats headphones alongside the launch of the iPhone 7, a leaked email has revealed.

Fri, 02 Sep 2016 11:31:44 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/138696-new-beats-headphones-promised-for-iphone-7-launch/
<![CDATA[Apple's Beats acquisition in the can, Tim Cook welcomes Dr Dre and the gang]]>

Apple has officially acquired Beats Electronics for $3 billion.

Fri, 01 Aug 2014 16:24:20 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/130184-apple-s-beats-acquisition-in-the-can-tim-cook-welcomes-dr-dre-and-the-gang/
<![CDATA[Beats puts Apple deal aside for a minute, launches Solo2 headphones range]]>

The Apple Beats acquisition may now be confirmed, but the deal still has a few hoops to jump through before it is ratified and the company is a bone fide Apple concern.

Thu, 29 May 2014 14:09:20 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/129103-beats-puts-apple-deal-aside-for-a-minute-launches-solo2-headphones-range/
<![CDATA[Apple acquires Beats Music and Beats Electronics for $3 billion]]>

Apple has today confirmed the acquisition of Beats Music and Beats Electronics, taking both the music streaming service and the headphone and speaker hardware business.

Wed, 28 May 2014 20:46:31 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/129086-apple-acquires-beats-music-and-beats-electronics-for-3-billion/
<![CDATA[Apple not happy about Beats leak and Dr Dre boasts, deal off?]]>

Apple is allegedly spitting feathers over the original leak that it is considering buying music hardware and streaming brand Beats Electronics, Dr Dre's subsequent foul-mouthed boasts about the deal too.

Mon, 26 May 2014 14:28:40 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/129031-apple-not-happy-about-beats-leak-and-dr-dre-boasts-deal-off/
<![CDATA[Monster speaks out about Apple's $3.2B Beats acquisition: We're not bitter]]>

Monster has broken silence about the alleged talks between Apple and Beats Electronics over the potential acquisition of the audio brand. And it's no fairy tale ending for CEO Noel Lee and the company.

Wed, 14 May 2014 14:11:09 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/monster/128885-monster-speaks-out-about-apple-s-3-2b-beats-acquisition-we-re-not-bitter/
<![CDATA[Dr Dre confirms Apple's Beats acquisition in foul-mouthed outburst]]>

Speculation on a possible $3.2 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics by Apple has been rife since reports emerged last night. However, official confirmation is not expected until the deal goes through, most likely next week.

Fri, 09 May 2014 12:14:39 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/128815-dr-dre-confirms-apple-s-beats-acquisition-in-foul-mouthed-outburst/
<![CDATA[Beats Studio (2013) review]]>

"The original remastered," reads the interior of the Beats Studio (2013) headphones box. That's the sort of statement that might put fear into the hearts (and ears) of fans of The Beatles - just take a look at the waveforms after each album remaster - and plenty of other music-loving aficionados whose backs are up due to the loudness war. But, typically, that's not going to be Beats' main target audience.

Tue, 06 Aug 2013 18:28:07 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/reviews/beats/122752-beats-studio-2013-review/
<![CDATA[Beats headphones sales soar during the Olympics proving guerilla marketing works]]>

Dr Dre has shown that it’s not just the Brits who are winning at this summer’s London 2012 Olympic Games. According to John Lewis, sales for the hip-hop mogul’s headphones have increased by 116 per cent.

Tue, 16 Apr 2013 10:03:43 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/116637-beats-headphones-sales-soar-during-olympics/
<![CDATA[24ct gold Dr Dre Beats Pro headphones - a snip for a grand]]>

Professional bling specialist Crystal Rocked has followed up its range of Swarovski Crystal-adorned Beats Studio headsets with a set purposely designed for the more ostentatious of DJs. Its Beats by Dr Dre Beats Pro headphones come in either black or white and are 24ct gold plated.

Tue, 16 Apr 2013 10:03:37 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/114882-24ct-gold-beats-pro-one-grand/
<![CDATA[Beats by Dr Dre and David Guetta join forces for DJ-friendly Beats mixr headphones]]>

Beats by Dr Dre has teamed up with music producer and DJ David Guetta for a new set of headphones aimed at disc spinners. The Beats mixr headset has been designed entirely with DJs in mind, with a compact form factor and ear cups that can swivel 180 degrees for both portability and listening to the live audio while mixing.

Tue, 16 Apr 2013 10:03:28 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/111908-david-guetta-beats-mixr-headphones/
<![CDATA[Beatbox iPod dock from Beats By Dr Dre]]>

While the world was expecting more headphones from the Monster Cables and Dr Dre collaboration that is Beats By Dr Dre, what might have come as an eye-brow raiser was the launch of an iPod dock.

Tue, 16 Apr 2013 10:03:10 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/beats/106277-dr-dre-beatbox-ipod-dock/
<![CDATA[Beats Pro by Dr. Dre]]>

If London's 2012 Olympic Games are anything to go by, then there's no chance to forget about Dre. The hip-hop Doc's range of headphones have not only infiltrated a generation, they've made their way to high-profile athletes' ears too. Although, such fun and games has now been outlawed by the brand police

Tue, 16 Apr 2013 10:01:57 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/reviews/beats/72920-beats-pro-white-by-dr-dre-monster-headphones-high-performance-review/
<![CDATA[Monster Diddybeats]]>

You may have noticed that the kool kids on the street are all rocking a similar look when it comes to headphones. You'd have to have been hiding in a hole to not notice the silver or black oversized cups with a red b adorning them for all the world to see. You may be aware that these cans are the Dr Dre designed (apparently) Monster Beats. They're the latest must-have tech accessory, hence the ubiquitous array of fake versions decorating the eBay listings pages.

Tue, 16 Apr 2013 10:01:55 GMT https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/reviews/monster/72454-monster-diddybeats-beats-by-dr-dre-headphones-review/