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The Powerbeats Pro true wireless earbuds have a great offer on right now.

Designed for all-manner of uses, from fitness and running to general music listening, the Powerbeats Pro are an excellent pair of in-ears and you can now find them with a massive $70 off in the US on Amazon. That's 28 per cent off in total from a usual price of $179.95.

Beats Powerbeats Pro in case
Beats Powerbeats Pro

Covering off all the bases that exercisers need to worry about, the Powerbeats Pro are extremely tough to match.

The Beats brand is owned by Apple, so the Powerbeats Pro buds come with the H1 chip built in. That means that can seamlessly pair with an iPhone, iPad or other Apple device. They are also great for Android phone users too, with Bluetooth connectivity on board.

Loops around the buds ensure they stay on, even when moving quickly during a brisk jog or workout, while each bud has a 9-hour battery life to keep them going. There's enough charge in the included charging case to up that to over 24-hours.

We gave the Powerbeats Pro a five-star review when we tested them at launch. We said that they were the most complete wire-free in-ears we'd tested to date, with great audio performance and much more. We also took them out for a 40-minute run and the battery had only dropped by a few per cent. Fast charging tech on the case also means you only need to charge it/them for 5-minutes to get another 90 minutes of use.

There's also a deal on the Beats earbuds in the UK, with Amazon offering them in black for £219. That's 19 per cent off at present.

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