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The market for gaming headsets and earbuds is as competitive as it's ever been, with countless brands trying to win the battle for your ears while you play.

One way to go about this is to aim for a USP that other headsets can't or don't offer, and that seems to be JBL's approach this year for its Quantum lineup.

It's showing off its refreshed offering at CES 2023, with new headsets for both Xbox and PlayStation that incorporate what it's calling "QuantumSPATIAL 360 immersive audio".

That basically means head-tracking that will keep your audio front and centre even as you move your head - something that has been in plenty of headphones in recent years, but not too many headsets.

This applies only to the top-end headsets coming out - the Quantum 910X/P coming in at a chunky $299.95.

Other new models are available at lower prices, of course, but we're more interested in the JBL Quantum TWS Air, a new pair of true wireless earbuds with an included gaming dongle.

That'll net them low-latency feedback for just $99.95, which undercuts some rivals we've seen from HyperX, for example, albeit only by a little.

The TWS Air will work with Switch, PlayStation and Android devices, but not on Xbox. Eight hours of battery life means they're solid for a long session, and being able to include the dongle in the case for safe-keeping is a great call from JBL.