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Fall is officially here and winter is on its way, which means it's time to start bundling up with some warm accessories - and a good pair of gloves is a sure way to keep your hands warm. While useful in keeping you warm, gloves can make using your phone and typing a difficult task. Luckily, however, gloves have started to adapt to modern times and include materials that let you navigate your handset screen without freezing your fingers. The gloves may never be quite as accurate as your bare fingers, but modern gloves with phone screen support will still let you cobble together a coherent text as you walk the windy streets or ski the slopes.

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Below, we have a list of gloves for all types of occasions. All of them give you the ability to tap your phone screen while wearing them, so you can keep your fingers warm while you go about your business. We even have some fingerless gloves which give your hands warm while still giving you bare finger levels of control. Here are the best texting gloves available right now.

  • Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves collection
    Palmyth / Pocket-lint
    Palmyth Fishing Gloves
    Best overall

    Fishing gloves are actually a great texting glove, as they convert from full-finger gloves to having cut-offs for the index and middle fingers along with the thumb. While this unique design is intended to make tying fishing line easier, the cut-offs are placed on the fingers people use most for texting. Ultimately, the Palmyth Fishing Gloves look nice, feel good, and keep your hands warm. They also include silicone grips for driving, fishing, and better phone grip as well.

  • Agloves Polar Sport Unisex Gloves collection
    Agloves / Pocket-lint
    Agloves Polar Sport Unisex Gloves
    Best fabric gloves

    The Agloves Polar Sport gloves are an excellent all-around option if you prefer fabric. They're not the heaviest glove, so you may need something thicker when it's more frigid outside. Otherwise, what you get is a slim, warm glove that'll keep your digits warm on cooler evenings. The material is breathable and washable as well. All ten fingers have touchscreen support with this one, so you can use whichever fingers you want.

  • Hestra Ergo Grip Wool Touring collection
    Hestra / Pocket-lint
    Hestra Ergo Grip Wool Touring Gloves
    Best wool gloves

    The Hestra Ergo Grip Wool Touring Gloves are about as good as it gets for a wool glove. While they're quite expensive, but they're also durable, warm, and comfortable. They are made for outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, or simply a snowball fight. The thumb and first two digits are made of a different material that lets you still use your smartphone. While probably overkill for most applications, they're amazing heavy-duty, rugged gloves for winter.

  • Kent Wang Deerskin Gloves
    Kent Wang / Pocket-lint
    Kent Wang Deerskin Gloves
    Best leather gloves

    Kent Wang is a fashion brand with some expensive, but comfortable leather gloves. They are made of deerskin and work with your smartphone without issues. The gloves come in three colors, including black, dark brown, and tan. There is also a variant of the dark brown without touchscreen support. These are warm, they're soft, and they should protect you from the elements fairly well. The insides are lined with a comfortable cashmere.

  • AndreanSun Darn Warm Fingerless Gloves 2
    AndreanSun / Pocket-lint
    AndreanSun Darn Warm Fingerless Gloves
    Best fingerless gloves

    Fingerless gloves are great for smartphone use. They keep your hands warm, but leave your fingers bare for easy typing and use. For this, the AndreanSun Darn Warm Fingerless Gloves are as good as it gets. They are made predominately of alpaca and are hand washable if they ever get dirty. For most folks, assuming they get the proper size, these gloves should fit the wrist, hand, and about halfway up each finger.

  • Timberland Magic Glove 2
    Timberland / Pocket-lint
    Timberland Magic Gloves
    Best budget gloves

    The Timberland Magic Gloves are a 100% acrylic glove that supports texting on your phone. They are reasonably warm and come in a variety of colors to match or compliment whatever jacket you wear. The Amazon page says it's for men, but there's no reason they have to be restricted to just men. You can get a two-pack of these for under $20, which makes them one of the better deals for texting gloves.

  • Evach Digital Pencil 1
    Evach / Pocket-lint
    Evach Digital Pencil
    Best alternative

    You don't necessarily need gloves to use your phone. Something like this stylus from Evach is a good alternative to buying texting gloves. You keep something like this in your pocket, and you can move around your smartphone with a bit more precision than a gloved finger. Plus, with swipe typing on many smartphone keyboards, it won't take too long to write messages. It's just an idea in case gloves are too much.

  • The North Face Etip Recycled Gloves collection
    The North Face / Pocket-lint
    The North Face Etip Recycled Gloves
    Honorable mention

    The North Face Etip Recycled Gloves are a good choice for touchscreen-sensitive gloves. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, although not every size is available in every color. You get a warm pair of gloves made of mostly recycled polyester. The index and middle fingers along with thumb are made of a slightly different material for smartphone support. They're not the best at anything, but just a solid all-around option.

The best texting gloves: Which one is right for me?

Clothing is an expressive item for many folks, so you should choose the one that best compliments your style. That's why we listed multiple materials, like the Kent Wang Deerskin gloves or the Hestra Ergo Grip Wool Touring gloves. We also chose a number of styles, like the Palmyth Fishing Gloves and the AndreanSun fingerless gloves, so that you had plenty of options.

Ultimately, they all work about as well as one another. Typing and using a phone with a glove on isn't the most comfortable or ergonomic task in the world, so comfort is tantamount. Everyone's hands are a different size and shape as well, so that may factor into your decision.

Why doesn't my screen react well with texting gloves?

Your screen's lag in responding to texting gloves is a fairly common occurrence and one that you can at least kind of fix. In the Display settings of most modern smartphones, you'll have the option to increase touch sensitivity. Doing that will help your phone screen register your touches easier which will hopefully reduce the times you have to double tap the screen to get a response.

Do I have to buy gloves just to use a touchscreen?

Yes and no. Many glove materials don't react with smartphone screens at all, so if you want to use your phone while wearing gloves, you pretty much have to buy a pair of gloves made of a material that can react with a touchscreen. Alternatively, you can just take your gloves off to type your message and then put them back on.

However, that is not your only option. There are products like the GloveTacts or the AnyGlove products that will turn your existing gloves into touchscreen-sensitive gloves. You run the risk of ruining your gloves, especially with the AnyGlove product since it's a liquid you drop onto your gloves. So, be warned that they're not the best solutions, but you can definitely do a DIY pair of touchscreen gloves with any glove.