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  • GoPro Hero 10 Black square
    GoPro HERO 10 Black
    Our top pick

    The GoPro Hero 10 might look almost identical to the Hero 9, but the new processor inside makes it feel much snappier when changing your settings. It also means that the maximum frame rates are effectively doubled across the board, perfect for slow-mo fans.

    • Double the frame rates
    • Smooth and responsive menu system
    • Hydrophobic lens protector
    • More expensive
  • GoPro Hero 9 Black square
    GoPro Hero 9 Black
    Best value

    The older Hero 9 Black is still very relevant today, especially when you consider the bargain prices it can be found at. The Hero 9 uses the same great chassis, and records at up to 5.3K with excellent stabilisation. The main drawback is that the menus feel sluggish.

    • Still records at up to 5.3K resolution
    • Same great chassis
    • Available at lower prices
    • Slower, less responsive menus

GoPro has since released the Hero 11 and the shiny new Hero 12 Black, but its older flagships the Hero 9 and 10 are still widely available and offer better value than ever. Here's how they compare.

The GoPro Hero 10 Black looks very much like the Hero 9 that came before it but comes with a host of new features and capabilities. When the company announced the Hero 9 Black in 2020, it came with a whole new design, a second colour screen and lots of great features. So it was unlikely GoPro would rip it all up and start again with another entirely new design.

However, its new GP2 processor has enabled much more powerful performance with higher frame rates and better low-light performance. So what exactly has changed between the Hero 9 and Hero 10, and should you upgrade to the newer model? Find out more below.

Specs, pricing and availability

The GoPro Hero 9 Black was released in September 2020, and it launched at a price of $449. The Hero 9 heralded a new way of buying a GoPro. If you purchased it alongside a GoPro subscription, you could get it for $349. Now, however, it's now commonly available for $229 without the need to subscribe.

The Hero 10 Black was released a year later, in September 2021. It was initially made available in the same way, but it was more expensive than the previous camera at $399 with a subscription, or $499 without. Since the release of the Hero 12, the price has dropped sharply, and it's now available for $249 with no subscription.

  • GoPro HERO 10 BlackGoPro Hero 9 Black
    Sensor Size1/2.3 inch 4:31/2.3 inch 4:3
    Video Resolution5.3K 60fps5.3K 30fps
    Photo Resolution23MP20MP
    Battery1720 mAh standard battery1720 mAh standard battery
    Size71x55x34 mm71x55x34 mm
    Water ResistanceWaterproof up to 10mWaterproof up to 10m
    LensReplaceable hydrophobic lens protectorReplaceable lens protector


It's in the design that we see very little difference between these two models. That's unsurprising though, especially since the Hero 9 Black was the first major design change in a number of years.

With the 2020 model, GoPro made the camera bigger and added a colour display to the front so that you could use it for framing yourself. It also added a new removable lens cover, making it easier to swap it out for a different lens or a new one if the original one breaks.

Speaking of lens covers, the Hero 10 cover has been redesigned to make it more durable. Not only is it more scratch-resistant than the Hero 9's, but it's also more hydrophobic so that water will glide off it more easily. You'll also see reduced ghosting with video shot through it.

GoPro Hero 10 Black review photo 2

From a purely visual point, the only real difference is that GoPro's logo on the front and the Hero logo on the side is bright blue instead of white. The outer frame of the camera is darker and has a slightly rougher texture, and it is about 5 grams lighter. Otherwise, it's practically identical.

Both cameras are waterproof to the same 10 metre/33ft depth, and both have the same battery door design on one side and water channel on the other. Plus, they both have built-in mounting arms on the underside, meaning you don't need any additional cases to mount them to GoPro accessories. What's more, the Hero 10 is compatible with all Hero 9 Black Mods like the additional lights, microphones and display.

Video and photo capture

When it comes to video capture, the Hero 10 boasts twice the performance of its predecessor. What that means is that - thanks in part to the GP2 processor - it can shoot at twice the frame rate in most resolutions.

While the Hero 9 could record 5.3K video up to 30fps, the Hero 10 can shoot that resolution at 60fps. What's more useful is that it can shoot 4K at up to 120fps, versus 60fps on the Hero 9. The larger sensor and processor also enable higher resolution still frame grabs.

GoPro Hero 10 Black review photo 6

For instance, if you shoot at 5K in a 4:3 ratio you can export a still 19.6-megapixel frame. Compare that to the 12-megapixel 4:3 frame grab from 4K on the Hero 9 and you get a lot more detail. In 16:9 at 5.3K resolution, it can frame grab 15.8-megapixels versus 14.7-megapixels on the Hero 9 shooting 5K.

GoPro says it's also improved the low-light performance so that noise levels are a lot lower on the Hero 10 too.

Stabilisation, features and battery

As mentioned, the Hero 10 has been equipped with a newer brain which GoPro calls the GP2. Hero 9 features the GP1. It's enabled a few improvements, including a faster refresh rate display on the front of the camera for smoother real-time framing. As for the rear display, that's got improved touch sensitivity, to make it more responsive.

It also means GoPro has been able to introduce what it calls HyperSmooth 4.0. This is the impressive electronic/algorithm-based stabilisation which smoothes out shaky footage. HyperSmooth 4.0 is available in its "high-performance setting" when shooting 5.3K/30, 4K/60 and 2.7K/120 footage. It's also enabled a much more capable horizon levelling feature, which can tolerate being tilted up to 45 degrees, compared to just 27 degrees on the Hero 9.

GoPro Hero 10 Black review photo 10

Both cameras feature stabilised time-lapse video and speed ramping and also feature the ability to live stream and can be used as a webcam. Both cameras also feature the exact same battery.

GoPro has said that wireless transfers to your phone are quicker on the newer model, though, and the Hero 10 can automatically upload to your GoPro Cloud.


GoPro Hero 10 Black square
GoPro HERO 10 Black

It's clear the Hero 10 Black has a lot more under the hood than the Hero 9 Black. With faster frame rates available at higher resolution, there's a lot of flexibility in what you can do with it. Plus, with a hydrophobic lens and improved low-light performance, there's a lot to love about it. Crucially, it's nicer to use because the menus and touchscreen are quicker and more responsive. We think that alone is worth the cost of admission.

The Hero 9 Black is still a very capable action camera, though, and not to be overlooked. Especially now that it's a few years old because it's available way cheaper than when it first launched. Currently, it's only about $20-$30 cheaper than the Hero 10, and for that small difference, we'd pick the 10 every time - but if you see a great deal, it's worth considering.