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Ring Video Doorbell
$55 $100 Save $45

This top-class deal knocks 45 per cent off the price of the standard Video Doorbell, taking it down to just $55, which is a steal for a device that will help you protect your home so easily. Once you install it, you won't look back.

There isn't a single bit of smart home tech more recognisable across the world right now, I'd argue, than the Ring Video Doorbell. It's completely revolutionised how we take deliveries and look after our homes.

Well, Amazon knows it's popular, and that's seen it knock a welcome 45 per cent off the price of its basic doorbell model, bringing its price below $55 to make for a serious bargain if you're looking to step up your home security a little.

Even in the nicest of neighbourhoods, there's nothing like the security of knowing your porch or front step is covered by a 1080p camera at all times, after all.

Be warned, though - Amazon Prime Big Deal Days end today, so you've only got the rest of the day to pick up this deal before it disappears - so don't wait around if you're tempted.

Why should I buy a Ring Video Doorbell?

As I've mentioned, there's no better way to keep an eye on a package or delivery when you're not home to accept it in person, but a video doorbell can be useful any time someone's at your door.

The two-way audio feature means that you can let someone know that you'll be there in a minute without having to shout through walls or windows.

Being an Amazon product, it also works superbly with Alexa, so if you've already got a few Amazon speakers or devices in your home, you can really easily integrate the Ring Video Doorbell.

This will let you use it as a sort of intercom through your Alexa speakers, for example, without having to reach for your phone every time someone rings it.

It's also very easy to set up motion alerts and other options to ensure that your doorbell only records when you want it to, which is ideal for those who don't want it watching at all times.