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Key Takeaways

  • Ultimate Ears introduces the Epicboom, a portable and powerful speaker with room-filling sound, priced at $350 or £330.
  • The Epicboom offers a 17-hour battery life, 360-degree sound, and is compatible with other Ultimate Ears speakers for a stereo experience.
  • Sustainability is a priority, with the Epicboom made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester and 59% recycled plastic materials.

Ultimate Ears has spotted (and filled) a gap in its own lineup - slotting the new Epicboom speaker in underneath its massive Hyperboom for those looking for a less titanic unit.

The Epicboom arrives with a seriously chunky $350 or £329.99 price tag attached to it, but promises room-filling and garden party-fuelling sound that is both portable and powerful.

UE Epicboom square
Ultimate Ears Epicboom

The epicboom is available now - but only directly through UE!

The attractive speaker has a mostly fabric mesh finish, like most of the Ultimate Ears lineup, with a hard plastic top and base to ensure it grips and stays upright.

Its chunky size means that it can bring a 4.6-inch woofer to the table, which should make for really creditable bass performance, and it has a microphone to adjust its sound depending on its surroundings.

Best of all, and as we've come to expect from Ultimate Ears, it's got IP67 water resistance and is floatable just like some of the smaller speakers in its lineup, making it completely perfect for all-weather use and pool parties.

Ultimate Ears

There's a 17-hour battery life at play here, too, but unlike something like the Sonos Move it doesn't come with any sort of charging dock or hub - it's also Bluetooth-only, rather than having a Wi-Fi mode, which makes things simpler but also limits its connectivity options.

The speaker is available now from Ultimate Ears, and comes in the two colourways you'll have seen pictured above: what its maker is calling "Cotton White and Lipstick Red" or "Charcoal Black and Lime".

The Epicboom's sound should be 360-degree in nature, and it'll be pairable with a wide range of other Ultimate Ears speakers for a stereo experience if you've already got one to go with it.

Ultimate Ears is also rightly shouting about the work it's put into sustainability on the Epicboom, with 100% of its polyester being post-consumer recycled, and 59% of its plastic being the same, both of which are laudable.

Ultimate Ears

Where portability is concerned the Epicboom weighs in at 1.9kg, and has what looks like a quite neat fabric strap that clips out of the way when not in use.

One final interesting new feature comes in the form of a loudspeaker toggle that lets you speak into your phone's UE app and have it play that sound loudly over your speaker for announcements or whatever else - a potentially useful little idea for rowdier parties.