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echo pop-purple
Amazon Echo Pop
$18 $40 Save $22

One of the latest in a long line of powerful smart speakers, the Amazon Echo Pop is more fashionable and convenient than ever. And with a limited-time 55% discount, it's a smart buy, too.

With a dedication to privacy and constructed from sustainable materials, the Echo Pop is the latest and greatest smart speaker from Amazon that offers hands-free convenience at a bargain price. And with the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days event, that bargain just got better. Slashing the price from $40 to $18, it's a 55 per cent markdown that seems too good to be true. But the deals don't lie, and this is one deal we don't want to miss out on.

Why should you buy the Echo Pop?

Amazon Echo devices have been around for a while now, and they just keep getting better. The Echo Pop is the culmination of years of improvements, as it contains all the continuously updating skills that Alexa has to offer. From music, weather reports, and news to phone calls, web searches, and more, this elegant little living room fixture delivers smart responses to all your questions. That means less typing and less screen time. And it even looks good doing so, with a new front-firing speaker and a slew of color options to help match the decor. We also love the expanded options for personalization, which can combine with other smart devices around the house to seamlessly upgrade your home.

The capabilities of the Echo Pop are too numerous to count, yet it retains a dedication to information privacy that gives us the peace of mind to invite Alexa into our bedrooms and living rooms with open arms. And when such a useful and capable assistant offers their services at this low of a price, we jump at the opportunity.