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Toshiba 55-inch C350 Amazon Fire TV on a blue gradient background
Toshiba C350
$250 $430 Save $180

Only $250 for a 55-inch smart TV? Yes, please. This Fire TV deal is definitely on fire right now and we love that we're seeing the lowest price ever for this model just ahead of this October Prime Day sale event. Right now, the 55-inch TV is cheaper to purchase than the 43-inch or even the 50-inch model, so we hope you have enough room to set this one up.

If you're looking for a great TV deal, then this Toshiba C350 discount should definitely be on your list. Now available with a 42 per cent discount, you should hurry and add it to your cart because we can't know for how long this fantastic price will be available. On October 10th and 11th, we're going to see some pretty cool items during the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, but we don't think this particular model will be any cheaper.

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Why you should get the Toshiba C350 smart TV right now

If you're in the market for a smart TV, the Toshiba C350 is definitely a model that's worth your attention, especially when it’s on sale at its best price. This TV can help stream all your favorite shows, live TV, or act as the screen to your PS5. That 4K engine will definitely help you enjoy great picture quality.

As mentioned, the Toshiba C350 sports 4K resolution, which is obviously pretty great, especially at this price point. Four times the resolution of a Full HD TV and four times more details so you can enjoy a clear picture. Whether you want to chill out on Netflix, watch the next NFL game, or just put on HGTV and never switch out, the C350 smart TV has you covered.

The Toshiba C350 also features Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10 technology. Dolby Vision HDR gives you the feeling of being in a cinema, as the technology provides a stunningly realistic experience that you can see and feel. With this level of detail, you will feel as though you are right in the middle of the action.

You may also notice that there's barely any bezel to this Toshiba C350, which makes the TV appear sleeker and more modern. Plus, you get to actually enjoy most of those 55-inches, which is pretty great.

Did we mention that this is a Fire TV? That means you get all the benefits that come with having Alexa available at your fingertips, asking for it to display certain shows, giving you weather reports, and more.