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Kindle Paperwhite
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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The excellent Kindle Paperwhite is arguably the best e-reader in the business with an adjustable backlight that can also be made warm for less eye strain. It's on sale for 32 per cent off right now.

Amazon has more or less cornered the e-reader market and devices like the Kindle Paperwhite helped do it. The retailer's latest e-reader includes some excellent features, enough storage to house tons of books, and battery life that measures in weeks. It's currently available for 32 percent off as part of the Prime Day sales event. That is not only a great deal, but it lets you get in on the e-reader fun for less than $100 before taxes.

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Why should you buy the Kindle Paperwhite on Prime Day?

Well, if you're into reading at all, that's a fairly easy question to answer. There are only a handful of e-readers available at any one time and the Kindle Paperwhite is a top three product in the space. The latest iteration, which is the one on sale, includes an upgraded 6.8-inch display that not only lets you adjust the brightness, but also the temperature of the light. Thus, if you want a warmer light to reduce eye strain, that is something you can do.

Other than that, it's simply a rock solid e-reader. The performance is good great as books download quickly and there are customization options that let you do things like change the font and margin size to make it look how you are most comfortable. It's the 8GB version that's on sale, and that's enough to hold between 3,000 and 6,000 books, so you'll need a pretty robust quite collection to completely fill that out. You can even listen to audiobooks over Bluetooth if that's more your speed.

If you do decide to take advantage of this deal, we also have a list of excellent Kindle Paperwhite cases as well that'll compliment and protect your brand-new device. In fact, many of those cases are also on sale for Prime Big Deals Day, giving you extra savings while protecting your new investment. You shouldn't have to replace this thing unless it irreparably breaks, making it a great long-term investment for your entertainment.