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Amazon Fire 11 Max-3
Amazon Fire Max 11
$150 $230 Save $80

Amazon's most premium tablet, the stunning Fire Max 11 is down by 35%, the sort of saving that you can't afford to miss if you want the best Fire tablet available.

The Fire Max 11 was a big move from Amazon, a clear play to level up the impression people have of its excellent-value Fire tablets, and offer a much more deliberately premium tablet, with more metal and fancier specs.

It's great news, therefore, that the Fire Max 11 has already had 35 per cent slashed off its price as part of Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, its Fall version of Prime Day, and can therefore be picked up for just $150.

At that price, it'll feel like a complete steal, a table that feels great in the hand, runs really impressively, and can easily be used as part of an actual productivity setup, which is harder to say for most of the rest of the Fire Tablet lineup - although you can check out discounts on all the other models on Amazon here, too.

Why should I buy the Amazon Fire Max 11?

Returning to the Max 11, though, if it's our choice we'd add an extra $15 to get the version without lockscreen ads, but whichever version you get you'll be nabbing a beautiful 1080p 11-inch display that looks superb even in pretty bright light, perfect both for media viewing and email reading depending on your mood.

The biggest uplift compared to something like the Fire HD 10 Plus, an extremely capable tablet in its own right, is where the design is concerned, though, with metal all over the back making the Fire Max 11 just feel amazing, and way closer to something like an iPad than previous versions have ever really managed.

So, be sure to check the Fire Max 11 out if you're in the market for a new tablet and fancy a bargain - and remember that this deal will disappear by the end of 11 October, so don't hang around and risk disappointment.