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The Microsoft Surface Go 3 is a decent little tablet. You can also easily connect Microsoft's Type Cover to it and turn it into a laptop. It doesn't stack up as well to other products in the Surface lineup, but its versatility and functionality are definitely worth it. However, like all tablets, dropping it can have catastrophic consequences. So if you travel with your device or are known for frequent drops, it might be in your interest to prevent damage and buy a case for your new 2-in-1.

Cases help protect it against drops or damage. On the other hand, it can prevent heat dissipation which can affect performance. Thus, it's recommended to weigh the pros and cons before covering it up for good. If you decide that you want to protect your Surface Go 3, we have some excellent case recommendations for you.

  • MoKo Case Fit for Surface Pro 3 800x800
    MoKo / Pocket-lint
    MoKo Case Fit Microsoft Surface Go 3
    Best overall cover

    The MoKo Case Fit for the Surface Go 3 is a great all-around option. It's not too thick and not too thin, nor is it too cheap or expensive. Plus, it lets you use the integrated kickstand on the Surface Pro 3. The case comes in three relatively neutral colors, and it even has a silicone hand strap for easy holding when carrying it around. It's good for almost all use cases.

  • Spigen Stand Folio for Surface Go 3 1
    Spigen / Pocket-lint
    Spigen Stand Folio Designed for Microsoft Surface Go 3
    Best folio case

    The Spigen Stand Folio case is an excellent option for Surface Pro 3 owners. It comes with a Surface Pen holder and a classy fabric design that looks professional in any setting. Plus, the folio case can be set up as a stand that is compatible with the Type Cover keyboard. It only comes in the one color, but we don't think Spigen could've picked a better color for their folio case.

  • Kensington Blackbelt Surface Pro 3 collection
    Kensington / Pocket-lint
    Kensington Blackbelt for Surface Go 3
    Best rugged case

    The Kensington Blackbelt is a thick case that should protect the Surface Go 3 relatively well if it's dropped. It boasts MIL-STD-810G drop protection along with niceties like Type Cover support and a Surface Pen holder. You also get a hand strap for easier holding and the case lets you use the integrated kickstand, which is always ideal. It's a bit expensive, but it seems rugged enough to take a beating.

  • OtterBox Symmetry Studio Case 1
    OtterBox / Pocket-lint
    OtterBox Symmetry Studio Case for Surface Go 3
    Second best rugged case

    The OtterBox Symmetry Studio Case is an excellent second choice for a rugged case. It's thick, works with the Type Cover keyboard, and it lets you use the integrated kickstand on the Surface Pro 3. It's a bit simpler than the Kensington Blackbelt, but sometimes people prefer the more traditional case style. It's made out of a single piece of of material and it looks slick despite its thickness.

  • Fintie Sleeve Case for Surface Go 3 2
    Fintie / Pocket-lint
    Fintie Sleeve Case
    Best sleeve case

    The Fintie Sleeve Case for the Surface Go 3 has a lot going for it. It's relatively inexpensive, looks good, and it protects well enough to get the job done. It's made out of synthetic leather and comes in seven different colors or styles depending on your tastes. Its best use is for travel and while the case fits a Surface Pen, you'll want a secondary pouch for any additional accessories.

  • Nacuwa Hardshell Protective Laptop Case 2
    Nacuwa / Pocket-lint
    Nacuwa Protective Laptop Case
    Best hardshell case

    The Nacuwa Hardshell Protective Laptop Case isn't a product specifically for the Surface Go 3, but Microsoft's tablet will fit in here with no issues. It's a hard shell-style case, so it offers a bit more protection than the softer sleeve. Plus, this one has various pockets inside that'll fit accessories, the charger, and other things, which makes it great for travel. It comes in various sizes, but the 11-inch is fine.

  • ZenRich Surface Go 3 Case
    ZenRich / Pocket-lint
    ZenRich Surface Go 3 Case
    Best color options

    The ZenRich Surface Go 3 Case is a reasonably basic case with a few nice extras. You get a hand strap on the back that articulates, so you can hold your tablet in portrait or landscape mode if you prefer. There is also an included shoulder strap for easy transport. This one also comes in six color options, including some brighter options like orange and green. It's a good overall case.

  • MobileDemand Ultra Rugged Premium Case 2
    MobileDemand / Pocket-lint
    MobileDemand Ultra Rugged Premium Case
    Best premium option

    The MobileDemand Ultra Rugged Premium Case is about as premium as it gets. It comes with a briefcase-style handle, a hand strap in the back, and a Surface Pen holder with integrated tether. You can also use the back mechanism as a kickstand. Parts of this are so hardcore that they have to be screwed on with actual screws. This is meant for factory work and police officers, so you know it's built well.

Best Microsoft Surface Go 3 Cases: Which one is right for me?

It all depends on the level of protection you seek. The MoKo Case is a good start as it offers a good compromise between sleekness and thickness. Barring that, you can go heavier with the Kensington Blackbelt or something a bit more snazzy like the Spigen Stand Folio case. There aren't a lot of thin and light cases for the Surface Pro 3, but honestly, if you're not going with something a bit thicker, there won't be much extra protection granted with something slimmer.

The Nacuwa Hardshell case is great for travel and the MobileDemand case is probably your best if your Surface Go 3 is hanging out rougher than average conditions. There are even good options for folks who like extras like shoulder straps. It all just depends on what you need.

Can Surface Pro 3 cases cause heat issues?

There is the potential, yes. Cases cover the back and sides of the Surface Go 3, which can cause issues with heat dissipation and potentially cause overheating. It's not likely unless you're really working the thing, but it's still something to consider. For the most part, you can always just apply the case when you're moving it somewhere and then take it off later. However, plenty of folks put cases on theirs and don't have any issues. Just don't do anything particularly extraneous with it and you'll be fine.

Do Surface Go 2 cases work with the Surface Go 3?

For the most part, yes. The two tablet-laptop hybrids are of similar size and shape. In fact, if you check out any of the above cases, they almost all boast compatibility with both the Surface Go 2 and Surface Go 3. So, if you have a Surface Go 2 case, you can use it on the Surface Go 3 as well.