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Key Takeaways

  • GoPro has confirmed that the GoPro Max 2 is in the works, which is exciting news for fans of the camera.
  • The CEO of GoPro, Nick Woodman, stated that the new camera will be worth the wait, hinting at potential improvements.
  • While specific details about the GoPro Max 2 are unknown, rumors suggest possible upgrades to editing capabilities, resolution, and slow-motion features.

Fans of the popular GoPro Max are about to get a new model to check out and we know that because it's been confirmed by the company itself.

The GoPro Max was first launched way back in 2019 but details as to what will come next have been sparse to date, However, GoPro has sought to allay any fears that the silence means there isn't be a new version on the way. Not only is GoPro working on the GoPro Max 2, but we now also know that it's a camera that we should absolutely be looking forward to.

Lots to get excited about, it seems

The confirmation of a future GoPro Max 2 came via GoPro founder and CEO Nick Woodman who was speaking at the GoPro Hero 12 Black launch event. Digital Camera World reports that Woodman was asked about what was next for the Max lineup. "Oh yeah, I can confirm, we get this question a lot, there is an enormous interest in the next version of Max," he confirmed. "And what I can confirm today is that it is in the works and it will be worth the wait".

That's of course excellent news for fans of these kinds of cameras and it does take some of the pressure off GoPro in terms of questions about whether a new model is going to arrive. But on the other hand we can now expect the questions to turn to something slightly different - what will the new GoPro Max 2 have to offer?

The answer to that is a big unknown right now, although Woodman's claim that the camera will be worth the wait is encouraging. There have been rumors of course, with a new 360-degree footage editing situation potentially in for a revamp. There's also a hope that the new model could offer an increased resolution, while slow motion is a nice-to-have that might debut as well.

Ultimately, all we can do now is wait to see what Woodman and his team have in mind for the GoPro Max 2. How long we will have to wait is anyone's guess, unfortunately. But we at least now know that the GoPro Max won't be the last of its line and that's a good start at least.