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While still being relatively new to the technology industry, Max has already worked with some big titles, including T3, Stuff and What Hi-Fi? His time there has given him a broad knowledge of the latest tech trends and what the future brings, making him an ideal fit for Pocket-lint. He's particularly at home when it comes to home entertainment and audio products, being able to pit the latest headphones and speakers against one another to see which really are the best money can buy. When he's not helping to support the news desk at Pocket-lint towers, Max can be either be found in the gym trying to get fit or in the pub putting all of his hard work to waste.

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What is aptX HD and which devices support it image 1 1
What is aptX HD and which devices support it?

With so many earphones and headphones coming with aptX HD support, it is worth knowing what it is and which devices support it.

IMG_3189 1
Amazon Music Unlimited vs Spotify: Which is best?

Spotify has long been the streaming service of choice, but with the rise of Amazon, is it time to switch to Amazon Music Unlimited?

The Most Famous Ghost Photographs Ever Taken image 1 1
The most famous ghost photographs ever taken

Ghosts, the paranormal and the supernatural have always been debated. Do they exist? Are the photos the proof?

Photoshop Fails Go To The Movies image 1 1
Photoshop fails go to the movies: The worst film posters of all time

We've rounded up a selection of some the of the funniest, unbelievable and downright bizarre movie poster Photoshop fails.

Life in the future Tech that will change the way we live image 1 1
Life in the future: 34 ways that tech will change the way we live

Technology has the power to do many things, including changing the world we live in and the way we live too.

Nintendo Games Consoles From 1980 To Now Which Is Your Favourite  image 1 1
Every Nintendo console from 1980 to now: A complete history

Despite what you might think, the NES wasn't Nintendo's first games machine and there's a lot more to the company's history than many remember.

29 fantastic photographic firsts image 1 1
Fantastic photographic firsts

Join us as we take a trip down a visual memory lane of the photographic milestones of the past 190 years.

how to get rid of unwanted christmas presents image 1 1
How to get rid of unwanted Christmas presents

What to do with your unwanted gifts?

What is High Frame Rate and why should you care image 1 1
what is hybrid log gamma and why should you care image 1 1
What is Hybrid Log Gamma and why should you care?

HJG gets mentioned a lot - and this is what it's all about.

Amazing Images from a Small World image 1 1
Amazing Images from a Small World. The winning images from Nikon's photomicrography competition

We're taking a look back at all the first prize winners dating back to the competition's inception in 1975.

Up Up and Away The best flying cars from around the world image 1 1
Up Up and Away: The best flying cars from around the world

We've rounded up a whole selection of flying vehicles that can be used on the road and in the air. Some are fully functional while others are still in a prototype phase.

Storage formats image 1 1
35 ancient storage formats: How many do you remember?

That phone in your hand, the computer at your desk, the CDs and DVDs on your shelf. They're all here.

Spotify Codes 1
What are Spotify Codes and how to use them?

Spotify introduced Codes as a way to get users to share music with friends and family way back in 2017. Here's how to use them.

What Is Youtube Music image 1 1
What is YouTube Music? Google's music streaming service explained

Find out what the YouTube Music streaming service can offer you, how much it costs and why it is different to Google Play Music and rival platforms.

What Is Dolby Vision Dolby S Own Hdr Tv Tech Explained image 2 1
What is Dolby Vision? Dolby's own HDR tech explained

The biggest TV trend in past few years is High Dynamic Range (HDR). It has also stretched to other devices. Here's Dolby's take on HDR.

Most Popular Pictures On Instagram Facebook And Twitter image 1 1
Some of the most popular pics ever posted to Instagram and Twitter

Millions of photos are uploaded to social media sites every single day. But which are the most popular?

The 24 most expensive photos ever sold image 1 1
The 24 most expensive photos that sold for millions

Paintings can fetch tens, even hundreds of millions of dollars, but digital photos can be just as collectable and demand similar prices at auction.

Apples Forgotten Products image 1 1
Apple's forgotten tech: The Apple products you won't remember

Apple hasn't always produced successful products as you'll see.

Artists who put themselves in the picture image 1 1
Incredible Photoshop artists who put themselves in the picture

We've found some of the best images from talented artists, from parodies of celebrity culture and fictitious twins to artists who meet their childhood selves.

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