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polaroid go
Polaroid Go Instant Mini Camera
$66 $100 Save $34

Polaroid cameras are always so much fun to have and add a special touch to every trip. I always have a Polaroid camera on me while traveling, so I can capture every memory in an instant and share pictures with those around me. The smaller size of the Polaroid Go compared to previous Polaroid cameras allows you to easily pack it into your personal item or carry-on.

Good things come in small packages this Prime Day. Polaroid’s Polaroid Go is smaller and better than ever. Polaroid Go is Polaroid’s smallest instant camera, meaning users can bring it just about anywhere without using up all the space in their bag. The new camera has a double exposure feature and a self-timer, both necessary aspects to help perfect your selfies. Since the camera is smaller than the standard Polaroid camera, the Polaroid Go only accepts Polaroid Go film which is half the size of standard Polaroid film.

Polaroid's line of cameras is well known in the field and this little camera has impressed with its features. Polaroid has taken nostalgia and made it tangible for new generations. Take advantage of the great Prime Day deal and gift the Polaroid Go to friends and family (or just treat yourself) this holiday season.

Why should I buy the Polaroid Go?

Polaroid’s make for a great keepsake from every adventure, party or get together. I have a whole wall full of pictures taken on my Polaroid Go and a scrapbook of different Polaroid photos. The film is half the size of regular Polaroid film, which I prefer, however it does add an extra expense to an already pricey camera.

The Polaroid Go is lightweight and easily fits in most bags. The flash, self-timer and double exposure helps the Polaroid Go stand out from the crowd. The Polaroid Go makes for a great camera to bring while traveling or on a night out.