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The DJI Air 3 is one of the most advanced and versatile drones ever. Although it comes with dual cameras, optimized flight hardware, and cutting-edge software - to fully unlock the potential of the Air 3, I recommend adding some accessories to your kit.

As a DJI fanatic and a professional drone pilot, I've earned my wings through trial and error. Plenty of close calls and dead batteries have taught me which accessories are useful and which ones are simply not worth the money. And so, with my personal experience and fastidious research to guide me, I've compiled a list of the best accessories for the DJI Air 3. Get ready for take off - and read on.

  • dji air 3 accessories filters
    Freewell / Pocket-Lint
    Freewell Bright Day Filter Kit for Air 3
    Best overall Air 3 accessory

    The DJI Air 3 is renowned for its brilliant dual-camera system, but those fancy 1/1.3-inch sensors aren't going to do much good when the sunshine is a little too shiny. Freewell's “bright day” filter kit is designed to address that very problem, with four precise ND/PL filters that range from ND8/PL to ND64/PL. They reduce glare almost perfectly, and they're geared to compensate for the two different apertures to help match exposures as toggle between the cameras.

  • DJI/ Pocket-Lint
    DJI Air 3 Intelligent Flight Battery
    Runner up best accessory

    The Air 3 boasts an impressive 46-minute flight time, but certain conditions, like high winds, can drain it more quickly. That's why it's essential to stock up on extra batteries, since pro gigs can't be put on pause while you wait to recharge. Plus, the Intelligent Flight Battery is proprietary, so rely on DJI to extend your time in the air. Quick to charge, built like a tank, and long-lasting, this is one accessory that’s worth the investment.

  • FPVtosky / Pocket-Lint
    FPVtosky Hard Case For DJI Air 3
    Best carrying case
    $59 $110 Save $51

    There are a surprising number of carrying cases on the market for the Air 3, but none sports the same durability, waterproofing, and convenience as this one from FPVtosky. The EVA foam compartments are precisely contoured to protect and organize all the different components of a complete Air 3 kit – and then some. Still, removing an item from its special spot is surprisingly easy. Most importantly, this case protects its precious cargo from the rigors of the road brilliantly.

  • DJI / Pocket-Lint
    DJI RC 2 Remote Controller
    Best controller upgrade

    If you bought your Air 3 with the standard RC-NT controller, the DJI RC 2 is worth the premium price. Its most obvious advantage is the built-in screen. Optimized for outdoor visibility, the FHD display delivers 700 nits of brightness, rendering glare on sunny days a non-issue. It also has an advanced processor, GPU, and transmission hardware, so the feed is always free of lag, even at great distances. The specs speak for themselves.

  • DJI/ Pocket-Lint
    DJI Air 3 Battery Charging Hub
    Best charging accessory

    This charging hub isn't just a neat way to organize your gear, it actually helps charge the batteries faster. It has a new "power accumulation function," which essentially reads and disperses the charges across the different batteries to arrive at the optimal sequence. Thus, instead of slowly charging all three batteries at the same time, it prioritizes fully charging one battery. That way, you don't have to wait around to get back to flying as soon as possible.

  • STARTRC / Pocket-Lint
    STARTRC Landing Gear for DJI Air 3
    Best landing gear

    Finding a good takeoff and landing spot for a drone can be impossible in rough terrain. That's why STARTRC's landing gear is such an excellent buy, as it provides a bit of insurance against crash landings. And though affordable, it's still made from high-quality and lightweight material. Plus, installing it and removing it is easy, since the design is perfectly engineered to fit the exact dimensions of the Air 3. Remember, your drone isn't a lawnmower, so stay above the grass.

  • SanDisk / Pocket-Lint
    SanDisk Extreme Pro 256GB microSD
    Best storage solution
    $27 $30 Save $3

    For a drone as powerful as the Air 3, you're going to need a powerful microSD card to match. The SanDisk Extreme is up to the task, with write speeds as high as 140MB/s. That means you can shoot 4K footage at high frame rates and bitrates without worrying about choppy results. And after the shoot, you can also enjoy fast read speeds, letting you view and transfer files almost instantaneously. Best of all, the high-capacity options, such as this 256GB pick, are surprisingly affordable.

  • DJI / Pocket-Lint
    DJI Air 3 Propeller Guard
    Best safety accessory

    Those Air 3 propellers spin fast. This propeller guard from DJI is a lightweight and affordable way to boost the safety of your flights by providing a horizontal shield to protects innocent bystanders and the drone itself. As with all things DJI, the design boasts a lightweight yet sturdy build that fits perfectly to the shape of the Air 3. It's also exceedingly simple to install and remove, with just four secure clips to fasten it tight.

Which drone accessories are most important?

This depends on how you use your drone. For example, hobbyists that just enjoy flying around and snapping cool pics will probably do best with accessories that make flying safer, easier, and more convenient. Gadgets like landing gear and anti-collision lights can add a crucial degree of safety to your flights, protecting both people and the drone itself from accidents.

For aerial photographers and videographers, the best investments are those that enhance the drone's camera function. In this case, look for lens filters and advanced microSD cards with extreme write speeds.

But whatever your purposes are for taking to the skies, adding extra batteries, propellors, and a quality case to carry it in is definitely worth the money. Such important accessories will help extend both your time in the air and the life of your drone.

What should I look for in a drone accessory to make sure it's high quality?

The first thing to look for is the compatibility of the accessory in questions. There are very few drone models on the market with "universal" components, so something like a battery must be manufactured to match the exact dimensions of your drone. This also applies to landing gear, battery chargers, and even certain hard cases.

Once you confirm the compatibility, consider the materials of its construction, which should be lightweight and durable. Most importantly, you'll want to buy accessories that can withstand the occasional bump and bang, since most of us like to take our drones on adventures off the beaten path. You can check customer reviews to gauge just how durable the accessory in question proves to be.

Which microSD cards are best for the DJI Air 3?

With its high-bit-rate codecs, 4K video, and 48MP cameras, the Air 3 can fill up storage fast. I recommend choosing something with at least 128GB of memory. However, don't pick your microSD card based on storage size alone. Perhaps more importantly, you should make sure your card has high read and write speeds.

There are three types of write speeds (or "card classes") to consider, and every microSD model prints this information on the face of the card itself. The video write speed is indicated by a "V" followed by a number, and it essentially tells you the minimum.

For the DJI Air 3, you should aim for a video write speed of at least "V30." The UHS speed is indicated by a number printed inside a little "U." This value essentially indicates the maximum write speed. For the Air 3, make sure your card has a UHS speed of at least U3. Finally, the overall speed class rating is indicated by a C followed by a number. Not all models print the overall speed class on their faces, but look for a rating of C10 in the product description to ensure you get a card that can keep up with your speedy drone.