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Key Takeaways

  • Casio has introduced four new all-metal G-Shock watches with colourful gradients and fancy hands, offering a vibrant look for every individual.
  • The new models, based on the familiar GMW-B5000 and GM-B2100, feature multi-hued coluor schemes and gradations inspired by diverse characters and their pursuit of toughness.
  • The watches, with their unique designs and expressive colors, are unlike any other in Casio's current lineup, providing a fresh and individualised option for watch enthusiasts.

Watchmaker Casio has announced four new models of its popular all-metal G-Shock models with each one sporting a new array of colourful faces.

The four new watches feature colourful gradients and fancy hands and index markers to create a more vibrant look than the metal G-Shocks might otherwise present. And with four models on offer, there should be a new look for everyone, whether you want the classic look or something a little more fresh.

A varied range of hues and gradations

Each of the new models - the GMW-B5000PC, GMW-B5000BPC, GM-B2100PC, and GM-B2100BPC - were announced via a Casio press release and feature designs "made to express the character it takes for every diverse individual to keep pursuing their own special form of toughness."

The new models are all based on the familiar GMW-B5000 and GM-B2100 models but with an added splash of color featuring multi-hued color schemes and gradations "taking inspiration from everyone whose diverse, individual character guides their determined quest for toughness," Casio says.

Casio colorful G-Shocks

GMW-B5000PC and GMW-B5000BPC

Casio says that the "blue/green gradation achieved with glass vapor deposition decorates the perimeter of the digital face," adding that the feature indications and the inner frame feature red, yellow, and other colors for an "expressive look."

GM-B2100PC and GM-B2100BPC

Arguably the most aesthetic designs, these two watches feature new dials with a base tone of black and colour gradation across the hour markers and the watch's hands. The GM-B2100PC features a purple/blue gradation while the GM-B2100BPC swaps that out for more warm colors in the form of an orange/red gradation.

No matter which of these G-Shocks, nor which colour you choose, you'll be wearing a model that's unlike any other in the current Casio lineup. And that, really, is why we like our watches in the first place. Right?

All of these new models will go on sale in Japan on 13 October, but while an international launch is expected we're yet to learn when that will be, unfortunately.