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Apple Vision Pro XR view 1
What is XR and how does it relate to Apple Vision Pro and the metaverse?

At this stage, most people are familiar with VR, and you may have even heard of MR, but what exactly is XR? We explain the Extended Reality future.

Upcoming Oculus Quest and Quest 2 games: VR experiences to watch out for photo 1 1
Upcoming Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro games: VR experiences to watch out for

There are numerous VR experiences coming in the next few months. If you own a Quest or Meta Quest 2, then these are the games to get excited for.

Apple Vision Pro - 4 1
Apple Vision Pro looks great but motion controllers would make it so much better

Hand and eye tracking are very cool and futuristic, but the lack of motion controllers holds it back in one crucial area.

Apple Vision Pro - 10 1
The most important thing about Apple Vision Pro is the impact it has on the rest of the VR market

There's no better catalyst for competition than an Apple product launch.

Apple Vision Pro - 14 1
I tried Apple Vision Pro and I wasn't at all prepared for the experience it delivered

My preview with the Apple Vision Pro opened my eyes to the possibilities of what it can offer.

IMG_7641-1 1
Apple Vision Pro: Everything you need to know about the Apple VR headset

Apple has announced its mixed reality headset, looking to start a new chapter in spatial computing.

Vision Pro 1
Apple announces Apple Vision Pro, its long-awaited VR headset

A new way to access your content, a device you look through, not at.

Meta Quest 3 1
Meta Quest 3 announced beating Apple Reality Pro to the mixed reality punch

A teaser video gives us an early peak at the new Meta headset, which packs mixed reality features among other improvements.

Meta Quest Pro review headset Docked 4 1
Meta Quest Gaming Showcase: How to watch and what to expect

Here's how to watch the Meta Quest Gaming showcase and see what's new

Apple's Reality Pro AR VR headset concept worn by person with curly hair 1
This leaked Apple Reality Pro AR/VR brightness spec puts the competition in the shade

Apple's Reality Pro headset is tipped to have some impressive display specifications.

XREAL Beam 1 1
The Xreal Beam adapter just supercharged the Nreal Air AR glasses experience

Bringing the 201-inch AR display to gaming consoles, PCs and more.

Man playing a PlayStation VR2 game wearing the headset 1
Apple Reality Pro could redefine the VR landscape, but it needs to get these 3 things right

The key to the success of Apple's VR headset sits on these three pillars.

Meta Quest Pro vs HTC Vive Elite XR 3 1
HTC Vive XR Elite vs Meta Quest Pro: What's the difference?

If you're considering a flagship standalone VR headset then these are the two devices to look at, but which is best?

How to update Meta Quest 2 photo 1 1
How to update Meta Quest 2: Tips to update your headset's firmware easily

If you want the latest Quest 2 features then you need to make sure your headset is up to date. Here's how.

How to cast Meta Quest 2 to your TV so others can watch you play photo 4 1
How to cast Meta Quest 2 to your TV so others can watch you play

While you're having fun in VR on your Quest 2 you can share your view on your TV.

Magnetic charging cable-1 1
Apple Reality Pro mixed headset could come up with yet another new charging connection

Just as USB-C is being standardised, Apple could introduce a fancy, new magnetic cable for its mixed reality headset.

PlayStation VR2-17 1
Apple Reality Pro headset tester says it blew them away, but is that just hot air?

Someone with hands-on experience of the Apple Reality Pro headset seems to be pretty impressed.

Apple's Reality Pro AR VR headset concept worn by person with curly hair 1
Apple tries to answer the big question - who's the Reality Pro AR/VR headset actually for?

Apple is said to have AR/VR apps ready to go to try and woo customers.

Htc Vive Vs Htc Vive Pro Whats The Difference photo 14 1
HTC Vive Pro vs HTC Vive Pro Eye vs HTC Vive Pro 2

A comparison of the HTC Vive headsets including the HTC Vive Pro line-up

How to switch to a Meta account so you can use your Quest headset without Facebook photo 3 1
How to use a Quest VR headset without Facebook: Switch to a new Meta account

You no longer need a Facebook or Instagram account to use your Quest and Rift VR headsets. Here's what you need to know.

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