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Key Takeaways

  • The Samsung Galaxy Ring, a fitness tracker competitor for Oura rings, is expected to be unveiled at the Galaxy S24 event in January next year.
  • The Galaxy Ring's launch window and availability will depend on the features and medical checks Samsung chooses, possibly delaying its release.
  • The timing of the Galaxy Ring's unveiling raises questions about whether Samsung is willing to divert attention from its important Galaxy S24 lineup.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is far from official but it's starting to leak more and more. The fitness tracker is expected to be a competitor for the popular Oura rings and now it appears it's going to arrive sooner than some might have expected.

While some had suggested that we would have to wait until the end of 2024 before slipping a Galaxy Ring onto our fingers, a new leak claims that the actual unveiling will be much, much sooner. In fact, if this leak is accurate, the Galaxy S24 lineup won't be the star of the show at the expected early 2024 Galaxy Unpacked event.

Almost time to put a ring on it

This is all according to the leaker Ice Universe who shared the news via their Weibo account rather than the usual X (formerly known as Twitter) presence. According to them, via machine translation, we can expect that "at the Galaxy S24 conference in January next year, the smart ring should be a star product."

That means that the Galaxy S24 lineup won't be the big announcement at that event with Samsung getting ready to enter a whole new market. We've seen rumors of the Galaxy Ring start to crop up with increasing regularity of late, although little is known about what it will be able to do. The launch window is expected to very much depend on the features Samsung chooses to launch with - some will require more medical checks and approvals than others - so it's possible the early 2024 unveiling could be just that with product availability coming much later.

At this point, we're left with just as many questions as we already had, perhaps even more. Samsung launching the Galaxy S24 lineup in January wouldn't be a surprise of course and we've already seen plenty of leaks relating to those products. But would Samsung really want to risk taking the limelight from some of its most important phones? Given the rate at which Samsung products leak, we might find out long before January rolls around.