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Since their release in 2009, Fitbits have now become a staple piece on most fitness enthusiasts' wrists. As practical as they may be however, fitness trackers don't always seamlessly blend in with wardrobes. Luckily, along with the many software updates Fitbit has conducted since its release, the wearable has also gone through its fair share of aesthetic changes to make it all the more fashionable- most notably with its Fitbit Luxe model.

The Fitbit Luxe’s slimmer rectangular screen design makes it one of the top models for those on the fitness and fashion side of tech. However, one tragic Fitbit flaw is that the standard silicone bands don't add much in the looks department. So, if you’re looking to add a little pizazz to your Fitbit Luxe, here are our recommendations for fitness bands that can make your fitness wearable look more like an elegant piece of jewelry.

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    Vanjua Metal Band for Fitbit Luxe
    Best band overall
    $9 $11 Save $2

    More of a metallic fan? The Vanjua metal band for the Fitbit Luxe is made of mesh stainless steel and comes in a variety of colors. The simplicity of the band along with the breathability makes this the perfect band for everyday use.

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    SZBAMI Sport Bands for Fitbit Luxe
    Best band for value

    If you want a variety of color options for your Fitbit bands and think you’ll constantly be changing your band to keep up with your outfit of the day then you should consider getting this 4 pack of Fitbit bands for only $12. Additionally, you can apply a 5 per cent coupon for an extra discount before adding to your cart.

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    AK Sport Band for Fitbit Luxe
    Best sport band

    The AK Sport Band makes for a decent replacement band for those wanting to stray from the standard Fitbit band but still want the silicone sport band design. The band is pretty good for everyday use and comes in a large selection of colors.

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    Bolesi Chain Band for Fitbit Luxe
    Best chain band

    If gold jewelry is more your vibe then a gold chain band is an absolute must for your Fitbit Luxe. The chain band comes in several different colors, but personally, I prefer the gold as it blends in with my everyday jewelry. Snag it for 20 per cent off with a Prime Day discount.

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    EverAct Leather Band for Fibit Luxe
    Best leather band

    If you use your Fitbit more for leisure than hardcore exercise, this is a great elegant option. While leather bands aren't the best choice for HIIT workouts od runs, they're solid for tracking daily wellness tasks while still achieving a traditional timepiece look, and this band from EverAct promotes great quality and price at just $15.

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    Vanjua Nylon Band for Fitbit Luxe
    Best breathable band

    Some bands such as leather or metal bands tend to make your wrists sweaty or hot throughout the day but nylon bands are lightweight allowing your wrist to breathe. This band is easy to install and comes in several different color options.

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    FitTurn Metal Band for Fitbit Luxe
    Best traditional watch band

    Want a traditional watch look for your Fitbit? This stainless steel band gives the modern Fitbit Luxe a classic watch look with the chainlink design available in silver, gold, rose gold and black. The gold is on sale for 20 per cent of for Prime Big Deal Days.

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    V-Moro Bling Band for Fitbit Luxe
    Best bracelet-like band

    If you’re looking to make your band really stand out and be bedazzled then you should go with V-Moro’s bling band for the Fitbit Luxe. The band is bejeweled with a twisting diamond design on the stainless steel band.

  • EverAct Metal Band for Fitbit Luxe
    EverAct/ Pocket-lint 
    EverAct Metal Band for Fitbit Luxe
    Best for a classic aesthetic

    With a double chain-linked design complimented by a traditional clasp, this stainless steel band from EverAct is perfect if you want to achieve that "old money" aesthetic and still track your steps. Get it now at a Big Deal Days discount.

Do I need a new band for my Fitbit Luxe?

If you’re happy with the band that originally comes with the Fitbit then there’s no need. However, if you want to add some glam or just want a more breathable option for your Fitbit then you should consider shopping around for a new band.

What is the best Fitbit Luxe band for working out?

Nylon or silicone bands are the best sweat-resistant and lightweight bands for those searching for the best band for intense workouts. Of course your wrist is bound to sweat, so there is not a 100 per cent fully sweat-resistant band but nylon and silicone bands are definitely the best options.