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We can imagine the original idea for the best fitness mirrors was conjured up in a boujee New York loft apartment, where space was at a premium, but said profligate owner was adamant they would receive a quality, instructor-led workout without having to set foot outside.

Whatever the real genesis story, we can happily report that workout mirrors deliver on that original promise, offering a large, interactive slab of reflective surface that not only projects professional instruction when connected to Wi-Fi and the accompanying software, but also allows users to see themselves and, as a result, adjust form accordingly.

What's more, embedded camera tech will often track form using AI, or provide real-time feedback to a real personal trainer.

It offers something a bit different in connected fitness space, as customers in the market for a smart, at-home workout experience have previously had to select a bulky piece of equipment - be it a rowing machine (a la Hydrow), a treadmill (probably from Peloton) or an exercise bike, which is now offered by numerous big names in the biz - including NordicTrack, Technogym and more. Although Peloton does offer the Guide system, which takes up less space than a mirror, but there's no mirror element.

Regardless, the home workout mirror is different, as it requires the user to pick up some weights - be it included dumbbells or resistance bands - and perform more traditional strength, cardio and HIIT training, without the machinery.

So, if you like the idea of working out with a personal trainer (virtual or real), but don't want to actually deal with real-life humans, a workout mirror could be the perfect answer.

The best workout mirrors: Our top picks

Studio The Mirror
1. Best workout mirror overall

An affordable entry to the world of fitness mirrors

With an attractive price and a reasonable monthly subscription package, The Mirror (formerly from Lululemon) is a great introduction into the world of home fitness mirrors. It lacks a lot of built-in accessories, such as dumbbells, but live trainer feedback via front-facing cameras and real-time performance metrics are built-in.

  • Great design
  • Attractive price
  • Workout library is epic
  • Lacks accessories
  • Bring your own weights
  • No touchscreen

If you are looking for a fitness solution that really doesn’t look like a piece of fitness equipment, you can’t go wrong with the Studio Mirror from Lululemon - although it will be run in partnership with Peloton later this year.

It can either be hung on a wall, or left freestanding thanks to its built-in stand, but either way, friends will have trouble singling it out over any stylish piece of home decor.

Despite the sleek looks, the built-in smarts are impressive, with access to thousands of on-demand classes a mere prod of a smartphone app away. What’s more, it’s a doddle to connect an Apple Watch, heart rate monitor and other devices.

In terms of workouts, it’s a real mixed bag, with the ability to embark on fast 10-minute stretching routines in the morning, to more in-depth strength workouts - although you will have to bring your own weights.

One of the biggest draws to the device for many punters is the hook-ups with famous fitness studios, including Rumble, Dogpound, and Pure Barre, which brings a whole new element to the home workout experience.

Those who merely want a sleek, understated mirror to take of personal training duties might want to look away now, as the NordicTrack Vault is a hefty old thing (it weighs 258lbs/117kg with all the dumbbells and kettlebells included).

But what it lacks in svelte grace it more than makes up for with muscle-building iron, with a range of dumbbells and kettlebells neatly hidden inside the rotating mirror, so you can make the most of those strength-building iFit classes.

On that subject, this is very much tied into the iFit ecosystem, which itself offers a selection of excellent studio-style classes, but we can’t help thinking it lacks the polish of a Peloton product - or even those offered by the Lululemon Studio Mirror.

Echelon Reflect
2. Best value workout mirror

The most budget-friendly workout mirror by far

$400 $999 Save $599

Available in two sizes, the 40-inch model represents arguably the best value for money on this list. While the screen doesn’t offer touch functionality, there are thousands of on-demand classes to choose from and 40 live classes on a daily basis.

  • Great price
  • Compact package
  • Lots of classes on offer
  • Lacks touchscreen
  • DIY installation
  • Looks basic

The Echelon Reflect is offered in either 40-inch or a more manageable 50-inch touchscreen version, making it one of the most compact mirrors on this list. Understandably, this makes it great for those homes where space is at a premium.

What’s more, it is also one of the most affordable home workout mirrors, but still delivers on the workout chops, with thousands of on-demand classes and live daily sessions for you to partake in. Of course, you get things like live leaderboards to help motivate, but you’ll have to bring your own weights if you are serious about strength.

There are built-in cameras that assist with tracking form and every purchase comes with a free trial of Echelon Premier, which is where you'll go for thousands of on-demand classes. We have to admit, the smaller model looks weedy when compared to the other mirrors on this list, but if you like it discreet and don't want to spend bucketloads of cash, it's a great option.

Tempo Studio
3. Best workout mirror for weight training

Bringing the gym to your home

An absolute must-have for those looking to improve their general strength and fitness, the Tempo Studio offers a selection of weights that are neatly built-in to the bottom of the unit for a studio-like experience.

  • Great for resistance training
  • Lots of fitness classes on offe
  • Sleek design
  • Serious about strength
  • Requires a lot of space
  • Basically a home gym

If you have the space, Tempo is arguably the most gym-like training mirror on this list. Rather than discreetly hanging on a wall, the easel-like stand of the large mirror houses a box of delights underneath it, which can include anything from a few basic dumbbells in the Studio Starter pack, to a full-on bench and barbell in the Studio Pro option.

Naturally, things get very bulky and very expensive when you start ticking the options list, plus you will need a fair amount of space at home to create this domestic gym. Even the basic mirror requires you to stand six-feet away during each session, so it can track your every move - so make sure you've got the real estate before committing.

If you do, you won't be disappointed, especially if you like muscle-building and toning exercise classes. The clever AI can even bring in wellbeing information from your smartwatch and fitness tracker to decide how you are feeling on a particular before recommending a workout.

Forme Studio
4. Best workout mirror for built-in style

Neatly blends in to stylish abodes

Offering a plethora of on-demand and live workout classes, the Forme Studio mirror is a lovely slab of interior design to hang in your home. It’s also packed full of workout smarts, such as the ability to option one-on-one personal training and partake in energetic live classes.

  • A good-looking mirror
  • In-depth 1-2-1 training
  • A huge array of classes
  • It is expensive
  • Lots of enticing add-ons
  • Can't stream your own music

The Forme Studio mirror is like Lululemon's offering but on aesthetic steroids. Yes, it’s more expensive, but this 43-inch, 4K screen is beautifully enclosed within an aluminium bezel. It looks great, but also backs it up with a ton of classes.

Customers also get an in-depth initial consultation with a personal trainer, who will set up a bespoke fitness programme depending on the desired goals. You can also check in with your PT on the regular for 1-2-1 training sessions, with the front-facing cameras helping to provide that instant feedback on form and execution that is so important when aiming for particular strength and fitness goals.

If that’s not your bag, there are plenty of on-demand classes to choose from, covering everything from yoga and mindfulness, to more high-tempo HIIT and cardio sessions.

Alas, like a number of mirrors on this list, Forme doesn’t come with any accessories as part of the price, so you will have to provide your own weights of resistance bands. That said, you can add the Lift package, which adds resistance via an electro-magnetic cable system, but things get very expensive very quickly.

How we selected the best workout mirrors

Like so much of today's home workout equipment, it's not always easy to set-up and test bulky pieces of kit in a modest family home. So where possible, we visited the manufacturers of most of the product we have featured here and tested it in a studio-style environment.

Although we can't say what it is like to live with over a period of weeks and months, we did get a good handle on the overall workout experience, and a taste for what each model looked and felt like in a typical "home" set-up.

Where it wasn’t possible to get hands-on with the item, we conducted thorough research into the best models out there and used our previous experience of other pieces of home fitness equipment from the chosen brands as a solid foundation for this list.

Will I need to install a home workout mirror?

That really depends, as some manufacturers offer a professional installation with every purchase. In the same breath, many of the mirrors we have mentioned also come with a stand, so set-up time is minimal.

It pays to check with the brand before committing, as they will suggest a minimum amount of floorspace you need, or if the product requires mounting onto the wall and the specifics to do so.

Do I need to pay a monthly subscription to access workouts?

That’s the kicker, because despite shelling out on an expensive piece of home fitness equipment, you will still need to pay a monthly subscription to access the on-demand and live fitness classes.

These range from around $40 a month to $150 or more a month if you are expecting the 1-2-1 personal trainer involvement,

Do workout mirrors come with accessories?

That really depends on the brand and the package on offer, but as a general rule of thumb, you often have to provide your own dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and even floor mats.