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Wahoo Kickr Bike Shift review: A near-perfect indoor bike

Should the Kickr Bike Shift be your next n+1?

Wahoo Roam V2 photo 8 1
Wahoo Elemnt Roam V2 review: Climbing to new heights

Wahoo has updated its flagship bike computer with more storage, a better screen and dual-band GPS. But how does it perform on the road?

Wahoo Kickr V6 photo 11 1
Wahoo Kickr V6 (2022) review: Turbo, boosted

One of the very best turbo trainers on the market now comes with Wi-Fi built in. Is it worth the upgrade?

Wahoo Powrlink Zero photo 2 1
Wahoo Powrlink Zero review: Dual-sided pedal-based power

Wahoo's power up hits the spot

Wahoo Kickr Core photo 12 1
Wahoo Kickr Core review: Hitting the turbo trainer sweet spot

Indoor training has never been more popular, and the Kickr Core balances quality and performance to perfection.

Wahoo Kickr Rollr photo 24 1
Wahoo Kickr Rollr review: A more natural indoor trainer

Wahoo is back with an innovative roller for your indoor bike training. How does it perform?

Evans Pinnacle HC Turbo Trainer photo 9 1
Evans Pinnacle HC review: A decent and affordable turbo trainer

Priced to turn heads, there's plenty of merit to Evans' turbo trainer. But can it stand up to the best out there?

Elemnt Bolt 2 photo 9 1
Wahoo Elemnt Bolt (v2/2021) cycling computer review: The Bolt is dead, long live the Bolt

The second-gen Wahoo Bolt makes a number of changes - but can it earn a place on your handlebars?

Wahoo Elemnt Roam photo 2 1
Wahoo Elemnt Roam cycling computer review: Marvellous mapping?

Wahoo's top-of-the-range bike computer features integrated mapping. But is it any good compared to the significant competition?

Wahoo Elemnt Rival photo 5 1
Wahoo Elemnt Rival review: Leap of faith?

How does the Rival stack up compared to the rest of the sports watch market?

Wattbike Atom 2020 review photo 1 1
Wattbike Atom (Next Generation) review: Turn down for watt

Can Wattbike deliver and indoor riding experience to keep you fit?

Garmin Vector 3 photo 11 1
Garmin Vector 3 review: Powering towards perfection

The top-end pedal-based power meter from Garmin is a serious investment, but it delivers serious amounts of data that can aid your training schedule.

Wahoo Kickr Climb review photo 4 1
Wahoo Kickr Climb review: Taking indoor training up a level

This Wahoo-only trainer accessory is used to raise or lower your bike's position to simulate climbing and descending. Is it worth its asking price?

Wahoo Kickr HEadwind photo 1 1
Wahoo Kickr Headwind review: Cycling cool

Yes it's 'just a fan', but designed to work with Wahoo's Kikr Desk for an authentic airflow indoor riding experience. It's pricey, so is it worth it?

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt review photo 6 1
Wahoo Elemnt Bolt cycling computer review: Still stands the test of time

Wahoo's well-priced monochrome bike computer could well be everything you need from such a device. Even 5 years after release it's well specified.

Wahoo Kickr review photo 1 1
Wahoo Kickr V5 (2020) review: Premium smart turbo training

The 2020 version makes some upgrades, but how much of a difference do they make?