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Key Takeaways

  • Whoop Coach utilises AI technology to provide personalized workout tips, training plans, and recommendations based on user data collected by the fitness tracker.
  • Users can ask specific questions or seek assistance, such as building a training program or troubleshooting device issues, and receive customized responses and support 24/7.
  • With the launch of Whoop Coach, the company aims to deliver on the promise of AI and revolutionize how users interact with their health and fitness data, transforming their overall experience.

Fitness tracker outfit Whoop has announced a new tool that will help people with workout tips and more, dubbed Whoop Coach. The new tool makes use of OpenAI's GPT-4 large language model to help in ways that might not be possible otherwise. You'll need to have an accessory like the Whoop 4.0 for it to work, of course.

Whoop Coach is available via the Whoop app and will tie into the company's fitness tracker to make use of all of the information it collects. For example, if the tracker notices that a user's sleep isn't as good as it could be it'll know, explaining that their sleep score might be behind their feeling sluggish during the day.

AI to the rescue

In a press release shared with Pocket-lint, Whoop says that the new AI-based feature can help in various ways including improving workout routines and even offering bespoke training plans and recommendations based on the information it's given.

One example includes a Whoop wearer offering up the following prompt: "I have a 5k next month with a goal of running it in 24 minutes. Can you build me a training programme?" Or "How can I maintain my fitness level with a newborn baby?" The result is a custom plan including routines and recipes that have been chosen specifically with the provided information in mind.

Whoop Coach

Another example is more simple - someone could say that their Whoop isn't charging and ask for help with Whoop Coach then offering customer support 24/7.

As with all AI-based tools, we'll need to see just how well this works before we can pass judgement. But it's another interesting example of GPT-4 being used to make people's lives easier in ways that we might not have imagined.

“There’s been a lot of hype about the promise of AI,” Will Ahmed, Founder & CEO of Whoop said via that press release. “Whoop Coach actually delivers on it. With the launch of Whoop Coach, we’re now offering on-demand, personalised health and fitness coaching. This is the first of its kind and it will transform our members’ relationship with their data.”

He might be right.