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The new iPhone 15 debuted some beautiful colors, like frost blue and pink. And while cases are important for protecting your iPhone from scratches, dents and drops but let's be real, phone cases are also one of the best ways to express your personality, and you probably want a case that compliments rather than covers the fun new hues.

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So, whether you're the master of mirror selfies and want a nice case to display or just want to add some color to your new iPhone 15 there are lots of great options for those looking for a stylish phone case. Below are the absolute best aesthetically pleasing iPhone 15 cases on the market.

Best stylish iPhone 15 cases

  • Casetify Impact Case for iPhone 15 -1
    Casetify Impact Case for iPhone 15
    Best stylish iPhone 15 case overall

    While on the pricier side, l have to mention that Casetify is my go-to for cases that are both durable and stylish as the brand offers hundreds of different and customizable designs.

  • Wildflower Forget Me Not Case for iPhone 15
    Wildflower Forget Me Not Case for iPhone 15
    Best stylish case with floral designs

    If you want a more floral, colorful and artsy case then look no further than Wildflower. Wildflower has some of the best colorful and floral designs for your iPhone 15.

  • White background for collections (1)
    Granola Gear Case for iPhone 15
    Best sustainable case

    Want to add style while keeping sustainability at the forefront? Granola Gear sells a wide variety of sustainably made cases with simple yet satisfying designs for all iPhone 15 models.

  • White background for collections (2)
    Urban Sophistication Puffer Case for iPhone 15
    Best premium stylish case

    The Puffer case is a case that will help you really stand out from the pack. The case is water resistant, offers full coverage for your phone and comes in several different colors.

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    Tieszen Glitter Case for iPhone 15
    Best budget stylish case

    The Tieszen transparent glitter case adds a little extra shine to your phone. The case comes with screen and camera lens protectors making it a great steal for those looking for a more muted case at a shining price.

  • White background for collections (4)
    Jueshituo MagSafe Case for iPhone 15
    Best MagSafe stylish case

    MagSafe phone cases are pretty much the norm by now but oftentimes they aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing cases. Jueshituo’s MagSafe case for iPhone 15 is simple but makes a great addition to any iPhone.

  • White background for collections (5)
    CaseMate Blox Case for iPhone 15
    Best Value

    $40 may seem like a lot for a phone case but CaseMate’s Blox case will keep your phone safe and in style. Don’t forget to apply the coupon and get 10% off the case.

  • White background for collections (6)
    Sonix Cherry Case for iPhone 15
    Best statement case

    Sonix's iPhone 15 phone case is truly the cherry on top to every bland iPhone. The case offers great drop protection and a fun design to every phone.

How did I choose these stylish phone cases?

While I haven't had much hands on time with all the iPhone 15 cases listed above, but over the course of my time testing cases I've had ample time testing cases made by all of these brands. When evaluating cases I make my choices based on:

  • Durability: I evaluate how durable the case is by testing how it holds up during hard drops and through daily mishaps.
  • Aesthetics: When looking at phone cases I take into account how aesthetically pleasing the case is and how it stands out from other case designs. I always make sure to include phone cases of varying aesthetics so that there's something for everyone.
  • Special Features: When looking at phone cases I take into account the varying unique features that help set it apart from other cases. Unique features may include a kickstand, cardholder, MagSafe capability, etc.

What should I look for in a phone case?

Everyone has different preferences, but I think that durability is the most important aspect of any case. I prefer cases that aren't too bulky, so I can still fit them in my pocket or purse, but also have solid drop resistance because I am a notorious phone breaker.