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Google just announced their highly anticipated Google Pixel 8 Pro, and it includes everything Pixel users have been looking for: a better camera, brighter screen and software upgrades. Of course all these great upgrades come with a price, the Pixel 8 Pro's starting price is $999. If you're planning on pre-ordering a new Pixel 8 Pro then you should make sure to also leave room in your budget for the perfect phone case. Getting a solid phone case will help prevent your phone from scratches, cracks and major drops. I mean, a new phone isn't worth nearly as much value or use with a cracked screen, right?

Of course the Google Pixel 8 Pro was only just announced, but there's already so many case options on the market. Below I've listed my top picks for the best phone cases for the Pixel 8 Pro. I haven't had the chance to try out most of them but all of these picks are based on reliable brands I’ve tested in the past, so I’m fairly confident they won't disappoint this time around.

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    Spigen/Pocket Lint
    Spigen Slim Armor Case for Google Pixel 8 Pro
    Best case overall

    Spigen consistently releases high quality phone cases with great protection. True to its name, the Slim Armor case promises that its thin enough to fit in your pocket while still protecting your phone. As a multi-functional bonus there’s a cardholder slot that can fit up to two cards.

  • casetify
    Casetify/Pocket Lint
    Casetify Impact Case for Google Pixel 8 Pro
    Best stylish case

    I've tested Casetify's impact cases on the Google Pixel 7, and, I personally have one on my iPhone 13 Pro and confidently say it's one of the best cases on the market. The case offers the utmost protection and comes in an array of different designs fit for every personality.

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    Amazon/Pocket lint
    Caseology Athlex Grippable Case for Google Pixel 8 Pro
    Best budget Case

    Caseology’s athlex cases boasts great grip material to help you keep a tight hold on your brand-new phone. Plus, the raised bezels around the camera bar help prevent lens scratches. For a budget-friendly price of only $10, you not only get a solid case, but a good deal to boot.

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    Amazon/Pocket Lint
    Juntone Clear MagSafe Case for Google Pixel 8 Pro
    Best slim case
    $22 $30 Save $8

    If extreme durability is not necessarily your top priority, but you still want a case on your phone that allows you to see the Pixel 8 Pro's beautiful colors, I'd recommend the Juntone transparent case. The case boasts a slim form-factor and is wireless charging compatible, and still offers solid protection.

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    Peak Design/Pocket lint
    Peak Design Everyday Case for Google Pixel 8 Pro
    Best basic case

    Peak design’s Everyday case is great for those wanting a simple case that doesn't compromise an elegant look for durability. The nylon canvas shell adds both a sleek look and great protection, and is now available for Pixel 8 Pro users in several different colors, like Black, Sage, Midnight, Sun, and Redwood.

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    Amazon/Pocket Lint
    AICase Slim Transparent Case for Google Pixel 8 Pro
    Best transparent case

    Want to proudly display your new phone and it's beautiful colors while still having a case on? The transparent AICase is a great option for those wanting a simple clear phone case without compromising durability. Plus, this case comes with a screen protector to protect the Pro's ultra- flat and vibrant display.

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    Amazon/Pocket lint
    Torras MagSafe case for Google Pixel 8 Pro
    Best for wireless charging

    If you're looking for a multi-functional case for your busy lifestyle, the Torras case seems to have it all: A kickstand, hard shell and is compatible with wireless charging. The case comes in matte black and includes a 180-day warranty, so you can get your money back if you’re not satisfied.

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    Amazon/Pocket Lint
    Supcase Unicorn Beetle case for Google Pixel 8 Pro
    Promoted pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    If you're looking for a case with the highest level of protection then add the Unicorn Beetle case by Supcase to your shopping cart. The case includes a front cover with a built-in screen protector and a back cover that includes a holster with belt clip for easy transportation.

How did I choose the best cases?

As mentioned before I haven't had any hands on time with the Pixel 8 Pro cases just yet, but over the course of my time testing cases I've had ample time testing cases made by all of these brands. When evaluating cases I make my choices based on:

  • Durability: I evaluate how durable the case is by testing how it holds up during hard drops and through daily mishaps.
  • Aesthetics: When looking at phone cases I take into account how aesthetically pleasing the case is and how it stands out from other case designs. I always make sure to include phone cases of varying aesthetics so that there's something for everyone.
  • Special Features: When looking at phone cases I take into account the varying unique features that help set it apart from other cases. Unique features may include a kickstand, cardholder, MagSafe capability, etc.

What should I look for in a phone case?

Everyone has different preferences, but I think that durability is the most important aspect of any case. I prefer cases that aren't too bulky, so I can still fit them in my pocket or purse, but also have solid drop resistance because I am a notorious phone breaker.

What's the best phone case?

Giving one phone case the title of the "best" is nearly impossible to do, but I tend to be a loyal Casetify phone case user. Since putting Casetify's Impact case on my phone I haven't added a single crack to my heavily damaged phone. Casetify's cases are on the thicker side but still fit into most pockets plus they come in a wide variety of designs.

Can I use an older Pixel case on the Pixel 8 Pro?

Unfortunately, you cannot. The Pixel 8 Pro's bigger size and other features makes any other case unable to fit. I know, it feels like every time a new phone is released there's a secret $100 you have to add onto the price of the phone to account for brand-new phone accessories. Maybe one day there will be a one-size-fits all case... but until then, we've got you covered.