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baseus magnetic power bank
Baseus / Pocket-lint
Baseus Magnetic Power Bank (6,000 mAh)
$26 $39 Save $13

This budget-friendly Apple MagSafe look-alike power bank is on sale at Amazon right now when you apply the coupon before checkout, making it only $26.

One of the best MagSafe battery packs we've tested, this Baseus magnetic power bank houses great battery in a compact and portable body, and right now it's on sale at Amazon. Looking very similar to Apple's own MagSafe battery pack, the Beaeus unit is sure to blend in nicely with your iPhone's overall aesthetic - just for a fraction of the price.

Why you should get the Baseus Magnetic Power Bank right now

The Baseus Magnetic Battery Pack is a budget-friendly battery pack with a sleek design that offers fantastic capability for your charging needs.

One of the best things about the Baseus pack is its charging speed. The pack can wirelessly charge your iPhone or other compatible devices at up to 7.5W, ensuring that your phone is juiced up in no time. Even better, the pack can charge at up to 20W via a wired connection, making it easy to plug in your phone and get a full charge in just 30 minutes. This feature is particularly useful for those who are always on the go and need fast-charging capabilities.

Baseus' sleek design is also a gorgeous feature without sacrificing well-aligned built-in magnets that prevent slipping and keep the phone in place during charging. Additionally, the pack is designed to work with the new iPhone 15 or older models and the MagSafe case. Aside from the iPhone, the pack also supports other devices that support wireless charging, but they won't have the same magnetic function that the pack offers for iPhone users.

One thing we didn't really enjoy with this Baseus battery pack is that its magnetic connection isn't super strong. If you want to use the pack while moving around, you'll need to hold onto it tightly, as it can fall off with just a little movement. But if you plan to just leave the pack on your desk or nightstand while it charges your phone, then this shouldn't be too much of an issue. Apply the 25 per cent coupon at check out to take advantage of this great deal today.