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Apple could be about to give Control Centre some much-needed love when it ships iOS 17 later in 2023 if a new leak turns out to have any legs. Control Centre has barely changed in the 10 years it's been available to iPhone users, but it's now said that Apple has plans for the much-used feature.

The new leak doesn't get into specifics, but it does claim that there will be "major" changes to Control Centre in iOS 17, suggesting that Apple is finally going to give us some of our most-requested features.

Big changes afoot

Apple is expected to announce iOS 17 during its WWDC23 opening keynote on 5 June, with developer betas likely to follow immediately after that keynote ends. It won't be until around the middle of September before the updates are available for everyone to download, however, with beta season running from June until then. But that WWDC keynote will at least give us an idea of what to expect.

One of the things on the list seems to be that Control Centre revamp, with MacRumors reporting that a source believes that there are "major" changes incoming, although they didn't say what those changes are going to be.

Control Centre currently plays host to a number of buttons and controls, but it's severely lacking in customization options. You can control the screen brightness and alter the volume as well as quickly access things like the Camera app. But you can't tell Control Centre which camera app you want it to open and that's always been an irritation. Here's to hoping that's one of the things that Apple changes with iOS 17.

The iOS 17 update will of course power the new iPhone 15 lineup when it arrives this September, assuming previous release cadences prove to be correct this time around. The iPhone 15 Pro will also arrive, with all four 2023 iPhones set to get USB-C for the first time.