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COMPLY Foam Ear Tips for Apple AirPods Pro Generation 1 & 2
COMPLY Foam Ear Tips for Apple AirPods Pro Generation 1 & 2
COMPLY Foam Ear Tips for Apple AirPods Pro Generation 1 & 2, Ultimate Comfort| Unshakeable Fit| Assorted S/M/L, 3 Pairs
$15 $25 Save $10

These soft and secure AirPods ear tips are made from premium memory foam to mold to the inner surface of your ear for optimal audio quality. They come in three different sizes and fit easily in the AirPods charging case.

Apple's AirPods are among the most comfortable in-ear headphones on the market, but constant contact with your ear canal can irritate that sensitive tissue. That's why investing in a few pairs of ear tips and keeping them clean is a wise choice. A well-designed set of ear tips not only keeps your holes comfortable, but improves the sound quality by reducing audio leakage. Right now, you can get 40 per cent off on a three-pack of well-reviewed tips from COMPLY at Amazon.

Why are these COMPLY ear tips worth getting?

While Apple does sell replacement ear tips for their AirPods Pro, their material can contirbute to some pressure build up. And given that the inside of your ear canal is a pretty personal place, and you want to make sure that anything you're putting in there has the best comfort and fit you can get. Because these tips come in three sizes and are made from memory foam, they'll fit snugly and prevent your earbuds from falling out during strenuous activity.

We've all had the existential terror of having an AirPod pop out - my daughter once lost one at the gravel pit, and it took me 45 minutes to find it - so preventing that is already the smart move.

In addition, having multiple pairs of ear tips allows you to set one aside for cleaning and let it dry completely before putting it back in your ear. You can also keep spares in your glove box or other locations just in case you lose one.

When you click over to Amazon for this deal, you won't see the discounted price. To get the $10 off, you need to check the coupon box and then add the ear tips to your cart. Once they're in your cart you can see the lower price.