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Samsung's Galaxy A54 5G is a superb mid-ranger that has loads to offer, with great specs and a design that you can barely tell apart from more expensive options.

If you've already got a Galaxy A54 screen protector, you'll want a case to give your phone the most protection possible, so we've gathered the very best options available for you to check out.

  • Samsung A54 case silicon
    Samsung Silicone Case for Galaxy A54
    Editor's Choice

    This excellent silicone case is our top choice, with a few colours to choose from and a good degree of protection to offer up.

  • Samsung A54 case clear
    Samsung Clear Phone Case for Galaxy A54
    Simple excellence

    This simple clear case will keep your phone protected without hiding its great design, and is reasonably priced, too.

  • Spigen A54 case black
    Spigen Liquid Air Armor for Galaxy A54
    Best Value

    A nice, simple case that's perfect for both work and play, but will still offer solid protection if you're the cumsy type.

  • Torro A54 case
    TORRO Case Compatible with Samsung Galaxy A54 5G
    Premium leather

    A great leather folio case that will protect your phone while looking very stylish - albeit with a bit of added bulk if you care about that.

  • Samsung a54 smart case
    Samsung Smart View Wallet Case for Galaxy A54
    Professional option

    For those who want a case that maintains productivity, there's this great folio option from Samsung, although it's pricy.

  • Otterbox A54 case
    OtterBox Prefix (Galaxy A54)
    $35 $40 Save $5

    A really solid case with great bumpers to protect from drops, from a brand we trust with a number of our personal devices.

  • Ringke A54 case
    Ringke Fusion (Galaxy A54)

    This is the perfect pick for anyone looking for a clear case that undercuts Samsung's own pricing by a good chunk.

  • Spigen hybrid A54 case
    Spigen Ultra Hybrid (Galaxy A54)
    $14 $35 Save $21

    Spigen features again with a more protective case that gives good bumpers and doesn't cost the world by any means.

How I picked the best Samsung Galaxy A54 5G cases

A good case can be harder than you might think to find nowadays, with countless knockoff brands flooding marketplaces like Amazon with low-cost rubbish. When you've tested as many cases (across different phones) as the Pocket-lint team, you start to know what to look for, which is why Spigen's cases do so well in our estimations, since they're consistently well-made and affordable. Samsung's own case is a stalwart at the top of our list for the A54 5G, since first-party cases always fit superbly, while for those whose top concern is durability, the likes of Otterbox's case should give you an extra degree of safety.

How to choose the best case for your Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

We have pretty stringent criteria for our case picks - they need to be protective and well-made, built to last and to stop your phone from being damaged from drops. Additional features and functionality are welcome bonuses on top, but value and pricing are also key.

There are plenty of excellent cases on the market that meet those requirements, but for the A54 we think Samsung's Silicone or Clear cases are the two best options for most people, giving you solid protection without bulking up your phone much. For those who want a folio feeling, though, Torro and Samsung have options that we've also included. There are a bunch of bumper cases out there, meanwhile, for those who want maximum protection.

Whichever you select, you should get a major uplift in how effectively your phone is shielded from damage, so it's a worthy investment regardless.