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The Google Pixel 8 comes with some pretty nice glass out of the box. Using Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, the Google Pixel 8 comes out of the box pretty durable and scratch resistant. However, as we all know, there are still some things that can squeak passed the protection and mess up the screen. For those occasions, we recommend a good screen protector for your Pixel 8.

There are a variety of great screen protectors already available for the Pixel 8 as well as the Pixel 8 Pro, including mainstays from brands like Spigen, Ringke, SuperShieldz, and ZAGG. We've compiled a collection of good screen protectors for the Pixel 8 Pro already, so let's tackle the best regular Pixel 8 screen protectors here.

  • Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Google Pixel 8 collection-1
    Spigen / Pocket-lint
    Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Google Pixel 8
    Best overall

    The Spigen Tempered Glass screen protector for the Pixel 8 is about as good as it gets in this space. Each purchase grants you two screen protectors in case one gets messed up. That shouldn't happen, though, since Spigen includes good instructions and a tool for keeping your protector aligned. The protector itself comes with an oleophobic coating to fight fingerprints and a 9H hardness for protection.

  • Ringke Dual Easy Film screen protector for Google Pixel 8 collection
    Ringke / Pocket-lint
    RIngke Dual Easy Film for Google Pixel 8
    Best soft screen protector

    The Ringke Dual Easy Film is your best bet for a soft screen protector. Ringke includes quite a few features with this one, including an oleophobic coating to help reduce fingerprints as well as a self-healing function that should reduce the number of visible scratches. Each pack comes with two protectors as well as an installation kit. As far as soft protectors go, this one is pretty solid.

  • SuperShieldz for Google Pixel 8 collection
    Supershieldz / Pocket-lint
    SuperShieldz Designed for Google Pixel 8
    Best tempered glass screen protector

    Barring the Spigen, the Supershieldz is a great tempered glass screen protector. It comes in a three-pack for under $10. It comes with the same types of coatings that most screen protectors come with, such as hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings to help protect against fingerprints and sweat. The 2.5D glass also feels nice on the edges. It's a bit harder to install without a full installation kit, but you get three tries.

  • Caseology Snap Fit for Google Pixel 8 collection
    Caseology / Pocket-lint
    Caseology Snap Fit for Pixel 8
    Honorable mention

    The Caseology Snap Fit tempered glass screen protector is another excellent choice for the Google Pixel 8. It comes with two glass screen protectors in the box along with an installation kit that helps align them correctly. You get the same coatings and hardness, and boasts a really clear covering. Snapping right into place, there's little room for those annoying air bubbles and bumps that often accompany screen protectors.

  • ZAGG InvisibleShield Elite for Google Pixel 8 collection
    ZAGG / Pocket-lint
    ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Elite screen protector for Google Pixel 8
    Best premium screen protector

    The ZAGG InvisibleShield Elite screen protector for the Pixel 8 is probably a bit too expensive for what it is. You get the same coatings as most other screen protectors to fight against fingerprints. However, this one boasts great clarity and extra coatings that help make it five times for shatter resistant than other glass protectors as well as an odor-fighting antimicrobial coating. You get more protection, but you'll also pay for it.

  • Case-Mate Double Tempered Glass Lens Protector for Google Pixel 8
    Case-Mate/ Pocket-lint
    Case-Mate Double Tempered Glass Lens Protector for Google Pixel 8
    Best camera lens protector

    Sometimes it's a good idea to cover the camera lens as well as the screen and the Case-Mate Double Tempered lens protector is a good option for that. It's a bit expensive, and the double tempered part is mostly for marketing. It's also a bit more expensive than we'd like. However, what you get is a clear lens protector that shouldn't affect image quality when taking pictures or videos with the rear camera.

  • Ivoler Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Google Pixel 8 collection
    Ivoler / Pocket-lint
    Ivoler Screen Protector for Google Pixel Pro 8
    Best budget screen protector

    The Ivoler tempered glass screen protector is a pretty good bargain. It comes with two screen protectors along with two lens protectors for the camera. For $13, that's not a bad haul. Additionally, the Ivoler protectors come with an installation device to help aid in alignment while installing the protectors. The lens protectors aren't fool-proof, but promise to prevent the camera from shattering. However, the front glass protectors are competitive with most other glass protectors.

  • IMBZBK Privacy Screen Protectors Google Pixel 8 collection
    IMBZBK / Pocket-lint
    IMBZBK Privacy Screen Protector for Google Pixel 8
    Best privacy screen protector

    The IMBZBK privacy screen protectors are a good choice if you want a little extra privacy. They are almost entirely dark at around a 28-degree angle, so you have to look at these things basically straight on to see the phone screen. There is also an installation tool to help with alignment. The protectors come in a three pack that also includes three camera lens protectors as well, They should work well overall.

The best Google Pixel 8 screen protectors: Which one is right for me?

Honestly, any of the tempered glass screen protectors are going to be good. Spigen, Caseology, ZAGG, and Supershieldz are well-known brands in the space, so you can get any of their glass screen protectors and you'll get a similar experience. The ZAGG one has a few extra features, but also costs a few extra dollars, making it a premium pick.

For soft protectors, Ringke is about as good as it gets. The self-healing technology closes up the lighter scratches and should stay looking fresh for longer, but inevitably, all soft protectors eventually end up nicked a bit. Of course, you can go with the IMBZBK if you need privacy or the Case-Mate protector if you need some glass to cover your camera lens.

Do I need a screen protector for my Google Pixel 8?

Unlike cases, where we unilaterally recommend them, you can go without a screen protector if you really want to. Most people do and as long as you have something to protect the screen, like most cases with raised lips, then you should be okay. However, a good screen protector will keep your Pixel 8 screen entirely pristine, which may help its resale value later on down the line.

Will a screen protector affect my phone's screen sensitivity?

Yes. Luckily, there is a setting you can access to increase touch sensitivity under the Display settings that will offset the extra layer between your finger and your phone screen. We also recommend retraining your fingerprints if you use biometrics since a screen protector can change how the under-screen fingerprint reader affects your fingerprints.