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aawireless tailor android auto 1
Best wireless Android Auto adapter deals

Get all of your phone's functionality without messing around with plugs and cords at a discount.

Motorola Ma1 FI 1
Ditch the cables and get this Android Auto dongle for over 20% off today

Get this Motorola dongle while it's still at a Prime Day discount.

aawireless android auto 1
Best wireless Android Auto adapter: Ditch the cables in your car

Android Auto is a Google's replacement for your car’s infotainment system. If you want to use it wireless, you need one of these dongles or adapters.

Zeekr X 17 1
Zeekr X review: Potent, premium and very promising

Another great EV from the Far East with Europe and the UK in its sights, even though there’s no right-hand drive yet.

Tesla Universal Wall Connector Lifestyle Image-1 1
Best home EV chargers: Convenient at-home charging

Your guide to the best home EV chargers for every budget and make.

Google Maps on Carplay - 1-2 1
How to use Google Maps on Apple CarPlay

Google Maps is available as a navigation option on Apple CarPlay. Here's how to get it up and running in your car.

Best EV charging apps: What I use to keep my car powered and ready

As an EV owner, these are the 5 apps that are great for everything from daily use to long road trips.

bmw_i4_2023_11 1
BMW i4 M50 review: Electrifying in almost every sense of the word

The BMW i4 takes a conventional route to electrification, giving BMW drivers exactly what they'd expect - with a thrilling drive from the M50 version.

ev-myths-featured 1
5 electric car myths you've probably heard, debunked

We're debunking the five most commonly heard myths about electric vehicles.

70mai dash cam omni night vision 1
Best dash cam deals: Protect your car and your wallet

Add these dash cams to your car and cart while they're on sale.

enel xway juicebox on brick wall  1
Enel X Way: How much is it to charge an electric car?

This post is sponsored by Enel X Way.

Kia Soul Ev Charging image 2 1
10 things you need to know about electric car charging

Have an electric vehicle? Make sure you understand how to charge it right.

abarth_500e_2023_4 1
Abarth 500e review: An electric pocket rocket

One of the smallest electric cars on the road gets a hot hatch makeover.

What is Tesla Sentry Mode and how does it work? photo 3 1
What is Tesla Sentry Mode, how does it work, and which vehicles offer it?

Here is everything you need to know about Sentry Mode, including how it works, whether your Tesla offers it, and how to turn it on in your vehicle.

Heads-Up Car Display on a blue gradient background 1
This 9-inch wireless display is 63% off and adds Android Auto or CarPlay to any vehicle

Whether you prefer Android or Apple, the hugely discounted display comes packed with features for both.

volvoex907 1
Android is slowly taking over your car and we're only just getting started

We all know of a few cars on the road running Android - but there's a lot more to come. Let me explain why.

maseratigrecale28 1
How to change your Android Auto view

Android Auto is brilliant, but if you want to change its layout you might want to follow this guide.

ID_GTI_Concept_Exterior_Pictures (31) 1
VW ID. GTI Concept will project the Nürburgring on the windscreen for that perfect GTI drive

It's all about carrying GTI heritage into the electric era, with a couple of clever tricks.

02_Inform (13) 1
BMW's Vision Neue Klasse is a forward-thinking retro concept, previewing a future electric 3 Series

Embracing circularity, BMW showcases a future vision from the past.

M3-PRESS-KIT-23-12 1
Tesla boosts the interior quality in the new Model 3 to fend off greater competition

Exterior and interior tweaks - and some pretty significant changes for the driver.

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